Just Say No To Circumcision!

When I was pregnant, even before we knew what gender we were having, I was researching circumcision. I asked anyone who would talk to me about it why they chose what they did for their children. Did they have complications? Was it easy to clean? I wanted to make an informed decision. I wanted to give Logan his best start.

I dislike that circumcision is such a private topic as I feel we are doing a disservice to those that don’t know the realities. The more my husband and I researched the more horrified we became at the practice. And truly I don’t know how society differentiates it from female genital mutilation, which everyone seems to agree isn’t okay.

After we found out we were having a boy, the pressure was on to make a decision. One night while my husband was reading to me out of his new dad’s survival handbook, we reached our decision. The description of the actual circumcision process left us both queasy as we realized neither of us had the stomach to stay in there and watch this happen to our brand new baby. More to the point, if neither of us were willing to stay with him, why would we do this to him? Our answer was straightforward and clear-cut, Logan would NOT be circumcised.

There has not been one day since making that decision that I have regretted it. No one has been able to make me feel guilty about it and as I continue to learn I feel completely justified in my decision. 
I would like to address some misconceptions, that I once myself believed.
1.) That your son will be dirty down there. This is absolutely not true! We have had no trouble keeping Logan’s intact penis clean. I like what I’ve read about treating it like a finger–you only clean what you can see.

2.) That it’s a lot of work because you have to retract the foreskin. YOU DO NOT & IN FACT SHOULD NOT RETRACT THE FORESKIN FOR ANY REASON! Seriously, just don’t do it. Leave it alone. When your son goes through puberty it will retract on it’s own.

3.) That your son will be in the minority because other children are circumcised. I’m happy to say that keeping your son intact is on the rise here in the US and in other countries most boys are not circumcised.

4.)That uncircumcised males get more UTIs than circumcised males. As long as you leave the foreskin alone and keep it clean & dry, you shouldn’t be more prone to any infection. Logan just turned one and he’s never had any UTIs.

5.)That uncircumcised males are more likely to get STIs or HIV/AIDS. I take issue with this because it seems like a better statement would be regardless of what your penis looks like, men who do not use condoms and practice safe sex are more likely to get STIs or HIV/AIDS. Not too mention it has been proven that the foreskin serves a purpose in sex. It helps create and maintain lubrication. It gives the male more pleasure as there are a lot of nerve endings in the foreskin. Don’t deny your son a full and healthy sex life. Leave him intact!

6.) That your son is too young to feel/remember the experience. They might be too young to remember, but they definitely feel it. Watch a circumcision. Look at the before and after pictures. The circumcised penis just looks painful. And if you’ve ever heard a baby cry during or after, you know it hurts! In fact, a baby who has just been circumcised may not nurse as well, may experience mild or extreme hemorrhaging, may get a post surgical infection, will need consistent cleaning and coating of the new wound. Yes, wound. I didn’t have to do anything but wipe Logan down when changing a diaper. I’m so grateful that I never had to hassle with caring for an open wound.

7.) That circumcision is a minor procedure. There is nothing minor about removing a part of the body!!! If you amputated your new baby’s arm, leg, finger, or toe, I guarantee that people would be up in arms about how immoral that is. So why is it okay to cut and remove the foreskin?

I am not what you would call religious, but I feel like creating life and bringing that little life into the world is as close to God as I could ever get. Believing in that, why would I turn right around and harm or destroy this perfect creation? I cannot understand it. 
I know that in our culture, that of the U.S., we have been almost brainwashed into believing this is what you’re supposed to do when your son is born, but it’s not.

Save our sons! Help educate those that don’t know any better. Those that haven’t done the research. Help protect the helpless babies. Leave the decision up to the one person who has the right to make it–the baby who turns in the man.

Infant circumcision should not happen. Period.

**A big thank you to Save Our Sons & Dr. Momma for guiding me in my research and providing the images seen in this post.**

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