Kelleen Kreations’ Coaster Set Review

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*These coasters were sent to me for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Around the time Eric and I got married, we had so many coasters, I figured we’d NEVER have to buy any again. Then we had a baby and that baby grew into a super destructive put everything in his mouth toddler. Many of the coasters didn’t survive our newest member of the family.

Untitled design-6Wood coasters, paper coasters, cork coasters–none could withstand the biting, gnawing, spitting, drooling, ripping, and folding from our little man. I honestly hadn’t turned my attention to replacement, toddler-safe coasters and instead was allowing beverages to sit straight on our wood, much to my husband’s dismay. Which is why I’d call it serendipitous that the toddler-proof coasters found me!

Kelleen Kreations‘, created by the talented Kelleen, hand-makes coasters out of cloth with a heat-resistant layer in the middle. They absorb condensation making them ideal for hot or cold beverages. These trendy while equally parent-friendly coasters look decorative, but can survive the wear and tear from your children. They can definitely be folded up, chewed on, all-around mangled, and still come out unscathed. I know this from firsthand toddler observation.

If that wasn’t enough, these coasters are beautifully sewn on adorable fabric of your choosing. Not just perfect for your house full of littles, they’re also extremely fitting for weddings, anniversaries, and house warmings! Pair the coasters with a drink of your choice and some funky glasses for a fabulous present.

Toddler and mom approved coasters are but an Etsy order away!

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