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**Kids Email was kind enough to sponsor this review, but all opinions are my own.**

Even though Logan is only one, Eric and I already talk about how to keep him safe online. How do we keep him from encountering online predators? The obvious answer is to keep him away from the computer entirely, but as much as I’d love to keep him in a protective bubble, I realize it is a better idea to teach him how to safely navigate the online waters. I believe that email is a good way to begin teaching your child how to interact online. Although this is still years down the road for us, I’m completely sold on Kids Email!
I love how straightforward the program is. You create a parent account, confirm it, and then go to work setting your child’s security settings. Do you want a copy of incoming and outgoing emails? Who is allowed to contact them? Is your child older? If so, would you like to give them extra privileges? Do you want them to be able to receive attachments or hyperlinks? If the answer is no, you can disable them. How cool is that?
Another feature I find to be completely worthwhile is the ability to add a footer that declares this email is coming from a child so there will never be an occasion where an adult could claim they didn’t know they were sending inappropriate content to a child. Eric and I discussed this and we believe this is something that should be included in all emails coming from a child. Unfortunately, there are creepy people in the world and we have to preempt any problems that might arise with email and internet usage.
I like that Kids Email gives children the chance to learn how to use a technology that they will continue to need for corresponding, for school assignments, and inevitably for their future jobs. It is a great skill to hone. They can send emails to Grandma and Grandpa, to their friends, even to you. And you can feel good knowing that you’ve made a decision that will help keep them safe from online predators.
Another benefit of Kids Email is it grows with your child. They can keep their account email into the teen years. Just update the account settings as they grow–change the email from to
What’s the right age to start your child with an email account? I don’t think there is any right or wrong answer to this question. My guess is it will depend on your child’s maturity level instead of their age. Some five year old might do great whereas other children might not be ready until seven or eight. This is where the customization found on Kids Email comes in handy–keeping your kids safe at every age.
Your kids are going to want to be emailing. Children in this day and age are growing up immersed in technology, so chances are your child’s friends will have some kind of online access/account. If their friends have it, chances are they’ll want it, too. This puts parents in a bit of a hard place, but there is a safer way to allow your kids to chat online with their friends–Kids Email!
Kids Email is supported on iOS, Android, and Web platforms, so your kids can use it on the go as well as at home. 
Kids Email has won numerous rewards such as Parent Choice Approved! And has been given two-thumbs up by Dr. Laura. 
Try your free 30 day trial today! There is no need to give a credit card. You will not automatically be billed when your trial is over, which I love because I always feel nervous giving a credit card with a free trial of anything. If you love Kids Email when your trial is over purchase one of their monthly/yearly packages on your own terms.
I will absolutely use Kids Email for Logan when he gets old enough! 
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