KMChase Designs Organic Bamboo Cotton Soaker Review

KMChase Designs is owned and operated by WAHM, Katie. When I came across her business, I was seeking organic/natural fiber soakers to experiment with in our cloth diaper stash. I needed something both moisture wicking and super absorbent. Katie was kind enough to make me two soakers made from Organic Bamboo Cotton.

I had never really touched organic bamboo cotton prior to receiving the soakers, but wow is is soft! It seems almost fuzzy, and I’m pretty sure would make a cuddly blanket. I was a bit concern about how it would hold up in the wash, but it’s done great. It has even survived some massive poop attacks. Proof of a high quality fabric!

I chose to try out these soakers in multiple ways before writing up this review, so I’ll share everything with you below.

The Prefold
I started using this soaker just like I would use one of my prefolds. I loved that it was thin and easily fit into Logan’s diapers. I also loved that is was up against his skin instead of tucked into a pocket because of the benefits of natural fibers. I was unsure if it would be absorbent enough for a three hour stint, but it was! No leaks, no problems. Perfect!

The Pocket Stuff
Next I tried this soaker was inside of a pocket diaper. I’m guessing this is probably the most common use. It was super absorbent and functioned great, but I hate having to put my pocket diapers in the pail after only one use, so although it works like it should, I wouldn’t use it like this. You absolutely can because it’s an awesome soaker, but it’s just not my preference.

The Overnight Solution
The last way I used the soaker was in a make shift overnight diaper. I took my Osocozy Fitted added the soaker to it and then finished with a Flip cover. I had my doubts about this being enough absorbency for my son who pees a ton at night, but it held up! There were absolutely no wet spots in our bed the next day and he was still bone dry.

KMChase Designs creates items that are tailored to fit your needs. I came to Katie with what I wanted–a natural fiber soaker–and we worked together. I love the customization process because in the end I purchase exactly what I envisioned, and who doesn’t love to get what they want? 
In addition to making soakers, KMChase Designs creates organic flavored lip balms, rice heat sacks, organic hand lotion, baby blankets, cloth diapers, diaper bags and more!
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