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Latch On SA, in my own estimation, was a HUGE success. Even though I carried my raffle ticket around in my pocket and forgot to check it for most of the raffling, I still won just by attending! The booths this year were killer and I got to see many familiar faces and a few new ones, like the Tuck and Bundle crew that sold me my new baby carrier. It’s beautiful! Then of course the lovely, Carley, owner of Baybee Boutique! I walked out with three necklaces instead of the two I originally planned on. Plus, Wishcraft Henna was there and I just love her henna designs! After three years, I’ve finally gotten smarter and put the design on foot instead of hands and arms because I immediately mess it up. Small children, I tell ya. Then of course Beachfront BabyFree Rose Studio who made the amazing Lactavist Tees and so many other wonderful small businesses! So, needless to say, I love Latch On SA! It’s an incredible event for our San Antonio Moms and I will keep going back for years to come. 💕

See my Latch On SA experience in pictures below. 

Daddy supports Mommy breastfeeding!
Love to see my mommy friends IRL!
Tiny latchlings hanging out prior to latch time. ❤
The official one minute latch! 😍
Loving our new BayBee Boutique necklace and just having a good time.
Trying Tuck and Bundle for the first time!
Learning Infant Massage.
Breastfeeding standing up waiting to get henna. Anytime. Anywhere. ✌
Wishcraft Henna!
Such a lovely image. Baby wearing, cuddling, & sleeping. Thanks, Kaitlyn for letting me use your backdrop! 😘
2014. 2015. 2016. 3 Years of Latch On SA. 💙

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