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On August 2, 2014, 172 nurslings latched on their mother’s breast for one minute. This went towards a global count of women nursing together at the same time. I was so proud that my easily distracted little nursling stayed latched so that I could be part of the count! I was even more proud to have my husband and a few good friends surrounding me as we all supported one of the most important things in the world–breastfeeding.

I was like a child on Christmas morning the day of Latch On SA. After all, I had waited months for the event to come around, watched (stalked) their awesome posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and even promoted more than a few reminders on my own social media. I agonized over an outfit for my COMPLIMENTARY breastfeeding photos courtesy of Memories By The Smile,  and I managed to get my husband on board with attending. Latch On SA was the event of the year for me. I couldn’t wait to go and be surrounded by all the like-minded parents!

 Attending Latch On SA was even better than I could’ve imagined! It ended up being everything I was looking forward to and more! After the big latch on, we enjoyed perusing the educational booths, I got a beautiful henna tattoo from Krystal Klear Henna, the hubs and I ate phenomenal mango fish tacos cooked by Hippie Mommas, and ended our day posing for my first breastfeeding photo shoot. There was plenty to do and see, so really my only disappointment is that I missed out on the very first one in 2013. Yes, Logan was only a month old, but I definitely would’ve been there if I had know! This event has become so near and dear to my heart as it promotes awareness while simultaneously tipping its hat to all the mamas who deserve acknowledgment for what they do daily on behalf of their little ones.

Latch On SA wouldn’t have been the amazing event it was, or in existence at all, without the talent and dedication of these three ladies–Kaitlyn, Kim, & Denise! They deserve a HUGE round of applause, lots of love, and a pampering spa day for everything that they’ve accomplished, and have continued to accomplish since organizing the first Latch On and then forming the Birth and Breastfeeding Alliance.

logo close up circle aqua 3Although #LatchOnSA2015 is still a few months away, I’m unbelievably excited to attend with my two-year old!  The Latch On SA team recently revealed this year’s graphic–created by Kim–and it is absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to order this year’s t-shirt, and any other merchandise they put this logo on! The detail is fabulous. Do you spy last year’s logo in the new one?

To find out more about the upcoming event, check out Latch On SA’s website!

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