Let’s Talk Coffee

Happy National Coffee Day!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that coffee is HUGE part of my everyday life. No coffee, no mommin’, right? And since nothing can get me to give up on the magical brew, I’ve had to get creative with the products I buy & the places I frequent now that I’m off dairy & soy.

To save money, which we need because we have two kids, one income, & a serious coffee addiction, we tend to buy our coffee beans whole in bulk. A local to Texas roaster out of Austin, Ruta Maya, supplies to our 1604 Costco, so we can pick up quite a bit of tasty + organic coffee for a killer price. Most mornings, we grind our medium roasted beans, brew, & enjoy.

I have to buy my creamer special because I can no longer just reach into the fridge, grab the whole milk, and go. Instead, I’m completely devoted to Califia Farms, and their delectable creamers made from almond milk and coconut cream. I buy my private stash on Thrive Market and have them delivered straight to my door.

For ‘specialty’ coffee at home, we throw cacao nibs into the grinder with our whole beans, grind on coarse, and then brew as normal. Chocolate coffee, y’all! It’s a game changer. Trust me.

On the mornings that we go out or I want a latte that I didn’t have to make myself, we go to Whole Foods where I can get an almond milk latte and my husband can get a vanilla breve latte and we can pick up a vegan snack for little man. More recently we’ve added Revolucion Coffee+Juice to our local favorites list. They are super allergy friendly and health conscious, so it’s a great fit for our family.

The other coffee shop we really love in town is The Brown Coffee Company. Their cold brew is bomb as are the bottles it comes in. The great thing about them is that their coffee beans get the chance to shine since they don’t add much else to their coffee. Simplicity at its finest.

And although, not local to San Antonio, if you’re in Austin, stop in to Cafe Java. They know what they’re doing  and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We had to stop in multiple times during our Austin vacation just because we couldn’t get enough.

However you enjoy your brew, when you can, try to support local business, small roasters, and little mom & pop shops because those are the places we want to see thriving in our community!

Now, drink a cup of sweet, sweet coffee, and let’s all celebrate! ☕

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