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There was a time in my life when I wouldn’t have even considered eating meatless hot dogs. Honestly, it still sounds kind-of gross and I never understood why anyone would want one until my children had food allergies. Now, I not only understand, but am super grateful for companies that make products that allow my kids to be included. My expectations for a product like this were unbelievably low, which is why I’m so happy to say Lightlife Smart Dogs taste delicious! While the texture isn’t quite that of meat, it is pretty darn close, and I highly recommend them to everyone looking for meatless alternatives for their summer BBQs.


After playing outside, I bathed our toddler and tended to our baby girl during which time my husband fired up the grill. Using a low grill heat, he cooked the dogs for about 10 minutes. It’s a bit longer than the package recommends, but we like a good sear on the outside, and they are super tasty.

We tried both the jumbo and regular dogs. While I usually lean towards eating a jumbo (and I did), the regular size is perfect for our toddler who enjoyed his with BBQ sauce. My husband and I opted for eating ours with mustard and ketchup. The whole meal was done picnic style paired with Organic Kettle Chips & Mango Lemonade. Perect summer meal after a day of water-play in the backyard!

For tasting purposes, my husband also cooked Lightlife’s Black Bean Patties alongside the dogs. They cook very quickly and make a killer chili burger! Eat with a bun or without, they’re great. In all honesty, I prefered these to the dogs, and that’s saying something.

Unfortunately, my family can’t eat Lightlife all the time because we have to avoid soy along with dairy, but if soy protein works for you, these are awesome! Lightlife Smart Dogs retail for about $3.99 a package, are GMO free, and can be found in your local grocery stores such as Whole Foods!

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