Limiting Waste, Conserving Space

One beauty of cloth diapers is that you’re limiting waste. If you’re like my family you’ll probably cut your waste in half! But another thing we’ve done by switching to cloth diapers is we’ve conserved a lot of space. We are a multiple generations household. What I mean by this is there are five people in our household: my parents on one side of the house and my husband, myself, and our son on the other. Fitting us all into one house has had its challenges spatially. My husband and I have claimed the back two rooms of the house for ourselves and then we have a common kitchen, living room, and dinning room. It’s been great having help with Logan especially considering how many issues (acid reflux, food allergies, etc.) he had a the beginning of his life. What I expect you can work out for yourselves is that with a baby, two rooms isn’t a lot of room. I’ve had to get creative to be able to store things like diapers, wipes, clothing, and all the other goodies that come with a new little love. For this reason, switching to cloth diapers has been invaluable! Obviously, this is not the only reason we love cloth, but it sure is amazing!
The first picture is a picture of disposable diapers & wipes. You can see baby elephant pictured atop the wipes. To put this in perspective, we have a whole other diaper box that is unopened behind the crib. The diapers and wipes in this draw are *maybe* enough for two weeks. We couldn’t begin to store all our disposable diapers in this draw. So many diapers does NOT work with our space constraints.
The second picture is a picture of our cloth diapering draw. Baby elephant is sitting on our reusable wipes. You can see the baby elephant does not look so tiny anymore and that’s because this is a much smaller draw! We can fit all our cloth diapers (a mixture of AIO’s, prefolds, covers, and fitteds) in this draw! WOW! Such a space saver! Just another reason cloth diapers get the vote in our house! 

And don’t forget, as I mention above and in older posts, we’re limiting our household waste by more that 50%! Boy, did disposables have us taking out a lot of trash. After switching to cloth we take the trash out about every two weeks. And our trash can doesn’t smell like old poop. Yuck! Parents, you know what I mean. It is one of the grossest smells in the world!

Do any of y’all have space constraints? Do you have trouble finding a place to put all your disposable diapers? If you made a switch to cloth, did you find storing them to be easier? Harder? Comment and let me know!

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