LipSense gave me something special & I want to share it with you!

What was it about LipSense that moved me so much that within a week I had decided I wanted to sell it? Was it how hassle free it is? Sure, that’s nice. I love that my color really does last all day long and that my lips are healthier than they’ve ever been, but there was something more. 

I had never wanted to mess with lipstick. Honestly, I felt foolish wearing it, like I looked silly or appeared as a little girl playing dress up instead of a confidant woman. Then I never had the time. Being a mom takes every one of my spoons most days. I love my kids tremendously, but being a mom can be isolating and all consuming. This is especially true when unexpected medical issues arise. I was so busy caring for them, I wasn’t caring for myself very well at all. 

So, how did LipSense change that? It was definitely the being able to take 5 minutes in the morning to apply my chosen color and then not think of it again. Not worry that after my third cup of coffee it’d be smudged or after eating my kid’s leftover sandwich crusts for lunch that it’d be flaking off. But mostly, it was catching my reflection in a mirror while washing my hands after helping our son in the bathroom for the billionth time, and actually liking what I saw. It was the extra bounce in my step it gave me. It was the flirty way my husband interacted with me when I was wearing a color he liked. It was the way it gave me back a younger, more care-free version of myself. It was the self-care of specifically taking 5 minutes a day for myself.

I’m hooked on LipSense. I love that it’s vegan, non-gmo, & never tested on animals. I love that a starter kit can last 5 months. I love that I can take down a double-double burger and not have my lip color budge. Mostly I love sharing my new found enthusiasm with others who might feel like I do. 

So, if you’ve never used LipSense or you’re looking to buy new colors, come join my Facebook Group! There is a FLASH SALE happening right now until Midnight! 

In lieu of doing a launch party, I’m offering free shipping for the month of April + I will be giving away one FREE gloss color of your choosing from my on-hand stock to an ACTIVE group member. So, the more you interact on posts & drop selfies, the more entries you’ll receive. I’d also love it if you’d invite your friends to join, but this is absolutely not required. Drawing will be done April 28th & winner’s gloss will ship out next day as a thank you for helping me grow my business. 

Oh, & follow me on my Instagram! You never know when I’ll post a deal over there for my followers without FB.  

Xoxo, 💋

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