LipSense — It just makes sense!

Chances are if you spend one iota of time on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve heard the whispers, “LipSense.” 

I had been circling around the idea of buying a color to try when my friend Chyna, who I’ve known since high school invited me to her Facebook group, Classy & Sassy Lips. I joined and spent a few days watching her amazing boss babe hustle and looking at colors. I immediately noticed when colors came in they didn’t stay in. So, you needed quick fingers to claim your colors. When I decided to buy, I got a kit for $55 + ship & handling. It included my color, First Love, + a Glossy Gloss + an Oops Remover. 

For whatever reason, before my kit even arrived, I ordered TWO MORE colors — Apple Cider & Honey Rose. 

They all came together on Monday March 6th. Needless to say I was excited! My husband arrived home from work and I skipped off to take a well-deserved shower and prep my lips for some LipSense. 

I decided to try First Love. I put it on as instructed and immediately got worried that I had wasted my money. The color looked brown instead of pinky-neutral and I didn’t think I liked it. At all. So, I took to the internet and watched tutorials like a mad woman. 

When I was ready to try again, I used my Oops Remover to take it off and a Marley’s Monster resuable cotton pad to clean my lips with witch hazel. Once my lips were FULLY dry, I shook my First Love LipSence holding the bottom of the tube then carefully pulled out my wand and wiped off any excess. I did one coat. Waited 30 seconds. A second coat. And then a third. I finished with the glossy gloss, took one look in the mirror, and I was hooked. 

Since that, I’ve ordered 3 more glosses and 2 more colors. Plus, Chyna threw in this stunning Blu-Red for me to try! Date night here I come!

I plan on ordering a kit for my mom & I’ve even signed on to become a distributor myself. That is how much I believe in this product!! LipSense is non-gmo, vegan, smudge-proof, water-proof, & kiss-proof. From my own personal experience LipSense lasts 24+ hours. I can sleep in it and wake up with pretty lips. Yes, seriously. But it also comes off with ease with the recommended Oops Remover or with just Neutrogena bar soap. I’m also so pleased with the Glossy Gloss. It is super hydrating without being sticky and I don’t have any issues with my hair sticking to it! I keep my gloss with me at all times to reapply throughout the day especially after eating. Truly, my glossy gloss has replaced my constant balm need and my lips feel hydrated and so healthy. I also haven’t had any allergic reactions, which is fantastic as I typically cannot use anything on my lips beside Badger Balm without them breaking out and swelling up. You can definitely say that LipSense has been a breath of fresh air for me. Plus, I love that I can kiss my babies and husband without any transfer! Or a “bleh” and wipe away from my husband when gloss hits his lips. 

In my opinion, with the variety of colors on the LipSense market, there is truly something for everyone!

Now, Chyna has graciously offered a rockin’ deal. The first 5 people to spend $50+ will receive 10% off their order. Head over to her FB Group to get your order in ASAP! First come, first serve to shop her on-hand stock!

xoxo 💋

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