Mamaway Nursing Bra ((Review)) #mamaway

*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

As a new mom to two under the age of three, I’m rapidly learning that there is no such thing as too many nursing bras. I can easily go through three in a day. There are plenty of ways to breeze through my bras. For instance, the baby spits up and the moment I’m in fresh clothes, the toddler spills his juice on me. Seriously, this happens. There goes another outfit and another bra. In fact, while writing this post, the baby spit up all over me. Serves me right for trying to be a multitasking mama blogger, but if I didn’t do pretty much everything else while breastfeeding, I’d never get anything done!

Now, even if small humans weren’t extremely messy, which we all know they are, with a healthy supply of breast-milk I can easily soak through my nursing pads, bra, and shirt during letdown. So, ironically enough, I don’t even need my kids’ help to make endless piles of laundry. While I prefer to wear one layer organic cotton nursing bras when I’m at home, when I leave the house I need a heavy hitter.

Mamaway’s UltraComfort Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Lightly padded
  • No Underwire
  • Easy to Wash
  • Flexible

I require some level of padding for my going out bras because otherwise my nipples and my nursing pads would show right through my shirt. The extra padding also adds one more barrier between my breasts and my shirt, so hopefully those telltale milk circles won’t show up while I’m ordering in a restaurant or walking around a store.

Mamaway’s bra is a bit pricey, though fairly comparable to Bravado’s Body Silk Nursing bra. Having owned both, I feel that the Mamaway gives a better shape underneath a shirt and is also a little more visually appealing. I know this last bit isn’t super important, but when I had my son I struggled to feel sexy wearing nursing bras, so anything that looks cuter has a slight edge for me. Plus, even though it is between $40-$50, these bras are made to last a couple of years. If you take care of it, you could even pack it away and bring it out for another little nursling.

What sold me on the bra is the nursing clips.  The clip opens easily with one hand and then clips back in place easily with ONLY one hand. This seems like it would be an obvious feature, but I’ve actually had nursing bras that I cannot get the clip back on without using both hands and it’s obnoxious.

The UltraComfort Seamless also has a wicked comfy band. It doesn’t bind, but yet still supports. I’m a 34DD (when I’m not engorged), and the bra has enough stretch to compensate for all manner of breastfeeding boob sizes.  I got the medium as recommended by the Mamaway Size Chart and am very happy with it. The light padding also evens you out under your shirts when the baby has nursed one side all the way down while the other side remains untapped.

When choosing the right nursing bra for you, I stick to one important point: If you don’t love the fit the first time you put it on, it’s not for you! If you don’t love it immediately, it will not do the job for you long term. Lucky for me, I loved my Mamaway from the first fitting. Hopefully you will, too!

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