Mandatory Tummy Time (And Why I Think It’s The Absolute Worst!)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, mandatory tummy time is awful! When you have a high needs baby who needs to be held to feel secure and you lay them on the floor to promote them rolling over the screams are blood curdling. As a first-time mom, I took what our pediatrician said to heart. After awhile though, I couldn’t stand to listen to the screams. They were terrible! Not only did it tug on my heartstrings, but it gave an already exhausted mom an extra headache.

I turned to social media; friends, groups, anyone that could help me. Would it hurt his development? Would he learn to roll over, crawl, walk, etc.? The outcry of yes, of course he would was great! I found parents telling me they were having or had the same problem. So, I stopped doing mandatory tummy time. If he was happy to be down, we went with it, but if he didn’t want to be there he didn’t have to be. It was the best decision for us!

And you’ll never imagine what happened! Logan learned to rollover, ahead of schedule, he learned to crawl and now we can’t keep him in one place, and he can walk with assistance. He’s only 11 months so he is still getting the hang of unassisted walking. We’re not worried. All in his own time. (Check out our little mover to the left.)

Parents if something doesn’t feel right for your family, don’t do it. If your kids loves tummy time, that’s awesome! But for the parents whose children don’t, I don’t think we should have to feel like we’re doing something wrong by not putting our child down on the floor. Babies are going to grow and develop because that’s just what they do. So try not to worry!

Have you had trouble with tummy time? How did you handle it? Did you child roll over and crawl on time? Share your experience!

Also for our fluff love of the day, who recognizes the diaper my little smarty pants is wearing?

Happy Friday, y’all!

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