May’s Daily Goodie Box was Too Good to be True!

*I received this box in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

This has taken me a bit to get up on the blog, not because this Daily Goodie Box was any less spectacular, but because the month of May has been something else and just flew by!!

Honestly, this month’s box is my current favorite because of the Shampoo & Body Wash from Natralia! It is absolutely fantastic! I have been using it all month long and what I have to say about it is all complimentary. First off, a little goes a LONG way. Then it is gentle on my littles eczema prone skin. It doesn’t burn eyes and it doesn’t leave any soap film behind. I was due to buy the kids new soap and now I know exactly which brand we’ll be supporting from here on out! 

My husband got some goodies just for him this month like the Tiger Balm patch! A brand we already know & love, but for someone who suffers from chronic back pain, you can never have too much Tiger Balm around. And the Smell Like A Champ Swago Cologne Wipes smells so darn good. Almost too good if you know what I mean. 😉

This month, I also treated my mom to some goodies, and gifted her the Andalou Naturals Non-GMO Uplifting Face Cream. It is supposed to be luscious and was too awesome not to share! 

The next big hit was definitely the Georgia Grinders Peanut Butter pouch. Talk about a stroke of genius making peanut butter easily dispensed and taken on the go. Our son loved putting his own peanut butter on his cereal squares. 

Then, of course, in a home with two coffee fiends, why wouldn’t we be excited about a full size bag of Kicking Horse Ground Coffee and a ONA Treats Mocha Java dairy-free bar? I was nervous because we never drink Dark Roast, I even saw this brand at my local Target and passed it up, but the Kicking Horse grounds mixed with some Cacao powder tasted phenomenal & we went through it fast! And the Mocha Java bar was so delicious I didn’t share it. Sorry husband! 😂

Eric also got a few other goodies in the form of Viter Energy Caffeinated Breath Mints which he described as a kick in the mouth and Volo Vitamins Energy Stickpacks. He took them into work with him for pick-me-ups on those 12+ hour days. 

Finally, all I have to say about the Prince of Peace Ginger Candy is where was this when I was pregnant?! It would’ve be a great asset during the whole morning sickness thing.

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