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There are a few incredible small businesses that give you the opportunity to purchase native made moccasins. Since they are small and a bit off the beaten path, they do not get the recognition or appreciation I think they truly deserve. One such company, TPMOCS, made a custom pair for our daughter and they are breathtakingly beautiful. If you are into the look of moccasins and have been considering getting a pair for your baby or toddler, I highly, highly recommend TPMOCS. One of their artists handmade (and signed!) these mocs for our daughter and they exceeded my already raised expectations. 

The mocs are truly stunning. Soft, supple, and supportive with a hard sole for new walkers. They also offer soft sole for babies. The sole style will depend on what size you purchase. I purposely ordered K a bigger size than she currently needed, so she can get long-term use once she is independently walking around.

The customizing process was really fun, too! TPMOCS website is user friendly and makes it very simple to design your shoes. The diagrams on the custom page show you exactly which piece you’re choosing and walk you through the entire process. Once you submit and pay, you will receive your mock up. If it’s what you want, you approve it and your moccasins will be crafted and sent out to you!

If you do not want to design your own, you can always shop their ready-made inventory!

I’ve got to say, in all my years as a shoe-loving lady, I have never been so excited to receive a pair of shoes as I was with her custom moccasins. They are buttery soft, vibrant in color, and most importantly native made. TPMOCS employs and gives back to existing tribes. 

In their own words:

“With your purchase, TPMOCS takes meaningful action to address poverty. By expanding Tribe by Tribe, we will be able to provide employment opportunities and resources to Native American communities in need.”

So, this is my call to you to consider supporting companies that are owned, run, & created by Native Americans if you wish to buy a pair of moccasins for your children. They are sharing their rich culture with us and it is so worth appreciating. Not to mention, you will NOT find a higher quality product for your kid’s feet.

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