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Attention San Antonio: There’s a new pizza place in Stone Oak and it’s about to be your favorite pizza place to eat! How do I know? Because it’s my new favorite place! Yes, me. In all my dairy-free, food allergy glory. Why? Because MOD Pizza creates and serves individual artisan pizzas, so everyone leaves satisfied. 

Yesterday, we went out to the Grand Opening of MOD Pizza at Stone Oak where we got to eat pizza as a family with everyone getting exactly what they wanted without violating ANY special dietary restraints. I honestly cannot tell you how happy it makes me to be able to take our son out for pizza and know that he won’t be getting into any dairy and that he get doesn’t have to feel left out.

With children’s food allergies on the rise, I think it’s about time there was a kid-friendly place for them here in SA. Even better, basically in my backyard, because to be fair their are a few allergy friendly restaurants in SA, but they’re down in the Pearl and with two kids that trek is often way too far for us.


MOD Pizza functions much like a Quiznos does for sandwiches; go in, order/customize, pay, and then recieve your goodies in 3 minutes from the time your pizza goes in the oven. You get to watch your pizza be made right in front of you, which is not only fun, but great for quality control. MOD’s 3 minute cook time is amazing, too. The pizza reached our table quickly, which is ideal when dining with tiny enthusiastic (demanding) humans.






We all opted for customizable pizzas. Little man got a mini and my husband and I both got mods. The mini is a great size for kiddos. The mod is perfect for adults. It may seem like a lot when it comes to your table, but if you enjoy it as much as we did, you’re going to eat it all, and then be wondering why you didn’t order the mega.








While you’re there chowing down on pizza, you should definitely try the sodas! My root beer and my husband’s cream sodas were divine!


At the end of the meal there was sadness that the pizza was truly gone. Then questions like, “Could we order another? Would that be too much? How about we eat here again for dinner? Too soon? Maybe tomorrow?”

We definitely ate there again the next day. It was just as good and one of the employees even remembered us, so killer customer service as well! I also had the opportunity to try their Blackberry Lemonade–wow! It’s fresh & completely delicious!


Needless to say, we love MOD Pizza and we’re so happy to have them in our neighborhood!


Bring your kids in tomorrow for Halloween. If they’re dressed up, they get a free mini pizza!



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*We received a discount in exchange for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

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