Moms Should Wax — Here’s Why [Spoiler: It saves time!]

Yay — it’s the first day of Spring! There’s a buzz in the air, warm weather is here, it’s almost time for swimming and shorts and cute chunky wedges….and shaving. Bleh. Shaving is the bane of my existence. I don’t care how incredibly (cough,expensive,cough) rated the razor is or what products I use with it, before it or after, I always end up with razor burn. It’s the curse of sensitive skin, I think. 

This is why I am hooked on waxing. For one, I only have to do it about every 5 weeks. For two, it doesn’t give me itchy, blotchy skin like shaving does. As a busy mom, it feels good knowing I don’t have to take the extra time shaving in the shower and I don’t have to worry that my legs have their winter coat on when I need to get dressed in a hurry. 

If you’re local to me, you definitely need to check out Waxing the City Stone Oak! The new one in Alamo Heights is bomb, too, but Stone Oak is closer to my house and my girl, Kirsten, does an incredible job. She’s quick, efficient, funny, and puts me at ease, which was especially important the first couple times since you’re just starting out. 

My standing appointment is for the half leg and underarms. The half leg covers toes to just over the knee. It’s awesome and perfect for being warm weather ready! Underarms is straightforward and mine lasts quite awhile. 

Here is a start to finish of my legs:

I’ve had the modified bikini done as well. Not going to lie, I was so scared, but it hurt LESS than doing my legs. I have no idea why, but then I spent nine days at the beach with nary a care about hair. Freakin amazing! They also use a different wax for underarms & bikinis. It looks like this. This wax “hugs” the hair instead of sticking to the skin like the wax on my legs above and makes ripping hair out of super sensitive areas easier and less painful. Cool, right?

If you’re not sure if waxing is for you, give it a try when they do a model call. You can follow Waxing the City’s Facebook pages to find those. This way you are only paying half for a service(s) and you can kinda try things out. Or if you just want to dive right in, get 50% off your first ever service at Waxing the City anywhere they have a location. If you want to say I (Beth Newcomb) referred you, that would be lovely, too. 😘

Some tips that you should follow if you’re new to waxing (that I almost never do):

Exfoliate a day or two before! I should do this because the better you exfoliate the better your wax. I usually forget, but I highly recommend it! Don’t drink coffee before hand — I do. Take an advil prior — I don’t. Mostly, I just suck up the pain. It’s not too bad and it’s so fleeting, but everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so consider that. If you’re going big with a Brazilian, skip the coffee, take an advil. Don’t be a hero! 😂

Finally, after care. I like to apply straight coconut oil to freshly waxed skin and just let in soak in. It helps with any redness and leaves your skin so soft. Then make sure you exfoliate your skin once or twice a week for best results. I use a Sumbody Sugar Scrub that is heavenly.

Happy waxing!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try waxing but I’ve never done it. It would be nice to not deal with shaving for a while!

  2. I love waxing but it gets a little pricey overtime but sometimes i treat myself to waxing, it saves me time and the growth is not bad compared to shaving.

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