Mr. Reliable Beard Oil Review

Tame Your Beard!

*I received this product for review. All thoughts expressed are my own.*

I volunteered my husband to review Mr. Reliable Beard Oil because I love his beard, but I don’t love the scratchy and itchy texture when I go in for a kiss. The oil softens his beard and I haven’t noticed a problem since! Huge bonus, it doesn’t have one of those overpowering odors that many men’s products have.

Here is what my husband has to say about it:

When my wife first suggested beard oil to me, I was extremely skeptical. Seems like I spend a lot of time trying to keep oil OFF my face. However, I decided to give this product a try under the promise that it would make my beard softer and easier to tame. I suffer from a condition commonly known as wild man beard, and anything that makes me look less like a homeless person is worth a try.

After using it for a few weeks, I have noticed that my beard is much softer, my skin is less dry, and using the beard oil with a beard comb keeps my beard cleaner and neater. I have also noticed that when trimming my beard, my trimmer doesn’t heat up as much  and doesn’t pull out the hair.

The beard oil is unscented meaning that it has NO scent whatsoever. Completely odorless. This allows me to add my own scents to the product without any conflicting smells. I choose from our essential oils such as sweet orange, lavender, peppermint, and lemon each day before work.

Mr. Reliable Beard Oil is the perfect carrier oil. I highly recommend it for granola dads who are looking for 100% organic products. It’s an excellent way to treat you beard!

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