Make Your Munchkin Diaper Pail Work for Cloth Diapers

Back in January I got the opportunity to review an amazing BabbleBoxx that came with all manner of fabulous products for mama & baby. While I, surprisingly, ended up loving everything they sent to us, three items have stood the test of time! Two of them are used in our house every. single. day. And one of those, I just converted, with the help of my wonderful hubby, to work for our cloth diapers!

The three must-have items from our BabbleBoxx?

  1. Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail
  2. Munchkin Stainless Steel 360 Sippy Cup
  3. Sesame Street’s 2 in 1 Soap (Honorable mention from the same line is the B is for Bubble Bath soap)

The soap we used till there was literally nothing left in that bottle. It foamed up well, never left residue on the kid’s skin, & smelled incredible. I need to buy more, but I suppose one beautiful perk of being blogger is there are always samples around and I’ve put off going to the store for more. Keepin it real, y’all!

Our kid’s 360 Sippy Cups are in use every day of their lives. They keep me from having to clean up giant messes of water or juice, so they had my vote from the get-go. They are also loved by the dentist because they don’t mess with little teeth and they are easy to learn to drink from since baby K has been using them ever since she started drinking from a cup. Highly, HIGHLY recommend these!

Finally, I never saw this coming because I was 100% against diaper pails in general, but I will not go without one now, the Munckin STEP Diaper Pail. It actually does keep the nasty smells contained until trash day or, even better now, until laundry day!

So, let me show you how we just converted our pail to work for our cloth diapers!

You’ll need:

  • Large wet bag
  • Cookie container tin
  • Knife

That’s it! Besides the actual pail, of course.

Start with your cookie container and cut out the center.

Pop the center out & remove the lid. The base of the container you don’t need for this particular project.

From there, place the lid over your diaper pail & the opening of the wet bag. This piece is what will keep your bag in place.

Make sure to leave some slack in the fabric when you place the lid so that the pail can turn it. The twisting of the opening is how it locks the smell inside!

After you have the lid placed where you want it, lower the pail top and lock it place. You’ll hear a click. The picture above is what you’ll see when you open your pail lid to put in dirty diapers.

Once installed, the bag will then hang in the space below that cannot be reached by tiny hands. Parenting win!

Here’s what it looks like when it’s almost full!

And here is a quick video to show you how simple it is to remove when it’s wash day!

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  1. very cool! thats a good life hack for repurposing that step pail. I’ve been meaning to cloth diaper since we have two in diapers and diapers get EXPENSIVE! i love this option of containing them much better than the ones i’ve been browsing!

    1. They do get so expensive! We love reusing our son’s old ones for our daughter. Great way to keep new baby costs down.

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