My [Not So] Capsule Wardrobe

I looked into my closet and felt overwhelmed. I had plenty of clothes.

In truth, much more than any one person needs, but I felt as if I had nothing to wear. And no outfits revealed themselves to me.

I’ve done this dance over and over again since I had our son back in 2013. Gone were the days of effortlessly wearing anything because my body had changed. It had changed majorly, but my wardrobe had not, so every time I looked in to try to find something to wear, I felt awful.

Foolishly, I held on to so many clothes. For years because I thought I’d get my body “back.”

Another baby and a whole heck of a lot of life later, that didn’t happen and that 21 year old body might never come back and that’s ok. Following the birth of our daughter, I started on a journey of self love and I’m so much happier with myself and with life in general.

Which brings me to last week. I looked in my closet and thought, “Why am I holding to all these clothes I don’t wear?”

So, I took every piece out and tried it on. If I loved it, it returned to the closet.

The rest got divided into three piles: donation, consignment, & time to be thrown away. The amount of clothing that left my house in one way, shape, or form is almost unbelieable. I wish I’d had the foresight to take a picture of it, but to put it in perspective our four year old came into our bedroom, looked at the floor, & then back and me and told me I had made a BIG mess. Kids, man.

Now, I’ve seen so many blog posts recommending capsule wardrobes for each season; and to be completely frank, this would never work for me. I don’t have that many clothes or extra storage space for clothing being unused. I had pretty much given up on the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but this article helped me a ton. I didn’t know that the creator of the capsule wardrobe phenomenon intended the wardrobe to be used year-round, not seasonally. That message has definitely gotten lost in translation.

My wardrobe is more than 33 pieces, but it is extremely functional and well-matched. It is also everything I own out, ready for use, & in one place. There aren’t bonus clothes in another room or hidden under my bed. It’s total closet transparency, which is wonderful because I love to know my options.

I tend to live within a color spectrum of blues, greens, purples, greys, blacks, and light neutrals. Those red shirts you see are serious anomalies. Two are t-shirts and the red blouse on the right of the picture below exists in my closet to match a pair of purple and red rose leggings. You’ll see them in my bin below. It’s a really beautiful outfit, which is why the red shirt belongs.

I absolutely will not buy yellows or oranges. They look atrocious on me, and for some reason, I gravitate away from browns, except when it comes to my eye shadow and the occasional nude lip.

Upon my clothing’s return to the closet, I sorted them into categories.

First up was my LipSense business tees. I grouped them tank to tee and by color.

Next up was graphic tees that were nice enough to wear out casually with jeans. I organized them by color as well.

Lastly came shirts that can be dressy or not depending on what they’re paired with. I organized these again from tank to long sleeves. The shirts in this category have absolutely no writing or graphics. They are my blank slates ready to be what I want them to be. Some do have pretty details like this lace or peek-a-boo shoulders.

In a different spot altogether, my vests, cardigans, & dresses hang. Do you see that gorgeous fringe!? Come on Fall!

There is also a mess of shoes yet to be dealt with, but I have a hard time giving away comfy or trendy sandals not matter how little use they actually receive. The hanger bag to the right holds bras, pajamas, heavy flannel/sweatshirts for outside work, & quick grab shoes like my TOMS or my slip-on Converse.

Tucked away are my shorts & pants. The flowery box contains light weight shorts, leggings, sweats, jeggings, jeans, and one pair of cozy mama wool.

My tall boots I hang to maximize space and for socks I use this cool cubbie I found at Ikea. My boot socks I lay on top for ease of use.

A beanie baby holder from another life has been re-purposed to hold my scarves, gloves, knit hats, and belts. And I know it doesn’t look it, but I got rid of over 20 scarves. And in all fairness, the top row is my husband’s winter scarves & hats.

Finally, to once again save space, I saw a life hack for folding up your underwear and putting them inside a wipe container for easy access. It’s pretty cool and saves me the trouble of a very chaotic drawer.

Oh! And this chambray shirt is a new, very welcome edition to my wardrobe. I received it as a gift for my birthday (in May), and I cannot wait to put it to good use all Fall, Winter, & Spring long! Basically for everything.

So, that’s a look at my wardrobe. It’s a definite work in progress, but it is leaps and bounds better than what I had before. It maximizes space and gives me plenty of opportunity to make gorgeous outfits more or less effortlessly, which is definitely what this busy mama of two needs!

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  1. I will get in the mood once a year and throw everything I don’t want into a tote, the next year, same thing. Then the third year i find this tote stuffed with clothes I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT and am in LURRRRRRVEEEEE again.

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