Nano-Roasters: A Little Love Makes a Big Difference ((Bright Coffee Roasters Review)) 

*I received these products free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

If you read my blog, it’s no secret that besides my family, obviously, my two favorite things are coffee and small business. So, it will come as no surprise that when the opportunity presented itself for me to review local nano-roasters coffee beans, I was on board!

Dan and Tara own and run Bright Coffee Roasters. They’re freakin awesome, super down to earth, & they have a kickass product! 

There are three roast options: light for anytime, medium as their breakfast blend, and dark for a dessert roast or nightime fix paired with something sweet. Every single roast is unfreaking believeably good. 

I sampled light roast at the Farmer’s Market where Dan expertly did a pour over! So good! 

Then they gave me two sample bags; a medium roast and a dark roast to take home. I’m always a bit unsure of dark roasts, so the hubs and I tried the medium roast first. It was amazing. Smooth with a hint of chocolate and a clean finish which was absolutely ideal for breakfast time. 

The next day we tackled the dark and it was unexpectedly delicious, too! A powerful choconutty start that smooths out with the most subtle hint of caramel. It’s that good kind of zing that keeps you on track and sets the tone for a productive day. 

Finally, Saturday night at CircleFest, we got to try their cold brew. We took it concentrated over ice and it has an explosive start and a clean finish that had me wanting a second cup. Super tasty and just the kind of evening buzz I needed to continue chasing the toddler around! 

Bright Coffee Roasters’ beans come from Chiapas, Mexico and are organic, which is just what this green-loving mama wants to hear! Central American coffee beans have a magical blend of nuts, chocolate,caramel, and often a subtle hint of berry or wine. I could tell that the beans were in good hands with the roast just where I like it. Not at all overcooked; instead, just enough to get to the first crack. Perfection! You can always tell a person is an excellent roaster when your coffee’s finish is clean and smooth without any acidic after taste. Bright Coffee Roasters nails their roasts!

I’m so happy I bumped into them on Instagram because their coffee is truly something special and I needed it in my life. If you’re a coffee lover, you need it to! Pick up a bag locally here in SA,TX at URTH Juice Bar (Southtown & Stone Oak locations) and Chocollazo (on Broadway) or shop their online store and have it shipped right to your door within the U.S.!

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