NoGii Protein Bars Review

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I was in high school the first time it happened. I was working out a new dance routine when I began feeling nauseous, dizzy, hot, and light-headed. I quickly retreated to the locker room to put cool water on my face and see if I could dig up a snack. If I didn’t eat something quickly, I was going to pass out. That was my first run-in with Non-Diabetic Hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar. If I hadn’t seen such attacks happen to my Dad and even my Mom, I probably would’ve freaked out, but I knew that if I could eat something, I’d be fine. Ever since my first attack, I’ve done my best to travel with a protein bar of some type in my purse or in my car. Trying to find a bar not packed with additives that still tastes delicious has been quite the challenge over the years, which is why I’m so happy I was chosen to review NoGii Protein Bars!

NoGii Protein Bars are incredible. I truly expected them to taste like cardboard as so many protein bars before them have, but instead they taste like cookies. Yummy unhealthy cookies, that are actually healthy . Not too shabby for a sweet-treat that boosts your protein quickly and efficiently. Keep these bars close for before/after a hard workout, for a day spent outside, and for busy moms/dads that often forget to eat! I’ll admit I even reach for them as an alternative to fattier desserts such as a bowl of ice cream.

milk & cookies nogii

Another wonderful part of NoGii Protein Bars is they are completely GMO-Free, which anyone who has ever met me knows is a HUGE priority to my family! They are “made with sustainably sourced, premium ingredients, have an ideal balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and do not contain any trans fat, hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup.”

Everyone in my household, with the exception of my two year old son, has tried NoGii and loves them! My husband has a soft spot for chocolate mint, while I go after Super Protein Rocky Road, and everyone seems to enjoy Nuts About Nuts, which is even Paleo diet friendly! The variety of the bars is fantastic in that if you don’t like chocolate, you have options such as Nuts About Tropical Fruits and Nuts About Berries.

NoGii bars has four convenient sizes:

  • Paleo Protein — 4-5 grams of protein
  • Protein D’Lites — 7 grams of protein
  • High Protein — 17-20 grams of protein
  • Super Protein — Between 26-30 grams of protein

I highly recommend NoGii Bars for health conscious families! I’ve always wanted to try going Gluten-free. Especially in recent years after reading many articles about how gluten slows down your digestive track. I think that NoGii Bars are the right way to start my little family on that journey!nogii-image

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