Once a mom, ALWAYS a mom


Once you have a child, you’re forever a mom. There is no day when you aren’t one. You may get to take a vacation or have a magical couple hours to yourself, but you are always a mom.

I believe becoming a mom causes your whole life perspective to shift and suddenly you are putting someone’s entire needs before your own. That’s the gig. It’s what’s expected. For that reason, being a mom can often be a thankless job. You’re on call 24/7, up most nights, never fully rested, and most people have no idea what it is you do all day. The simple answer would be everything. I do everything. It’d be accurate since I am everything–doctor, teacher, nurse, mediator, counselor, security, quality control, waitress, maid, nutritionist, and chauffeur– to this tiny person. They are completely dependent on your love and care to thrive. While being a mom may be thankless work, it is the most rewarding job you will ever hold and the most exhausting. I haven’t slept eight hours straight in three years! Three years! Of course, very little will test you more than when your child is sick and so are you.

Flash back to two years ago when I gave birth to my incredible little boy. In the weeks leading up to his delivery, I had been experiencing what I described as intense ear pressure, hearing loss, and occasional pain. I attributed this to the seasonal allergies of which so many residents of San Antonio suffer. I was wrong. I wouldn’t know until Logan was a few days old and I had almost completely lost my hearing, that I was suffering from an ear infection. I gave birth naturally, so I want you to get the full impact of my meaning when I say I’ve never known pain like being engorged with milk and having a double ear infection. It’s an unbearable, crawl out of your skin kind of pain. I’d rather give birth five more times than go through that again.

This brings me to this week, DSC_8069when much to my dismay, I once again found myself back in an urgent care facility waiting to have my ears looked at. Another double ear infection. Honestly, I’ve been sick for days, but the ear infection is just the icing on the cake. But as a mom, it isn’t just me being sick. Nope. Logan had the virus first, ended up with his own double ear infection plus sinus infection, got his nice round of antibiotics, and then passed the virus on to me. My body, having not had more than four hours of sleep in the last four nights, was too weak to fight off this brutal virus. Truly though, how we both ended up with double infections, I’ll never understand. I’ll also never understand how my husband got off scot-free! I suppose it was because my son wasn’t sleeping right on top of him all night. Lucky duck.

I can’t say to what end I’m writing this post. Maybe just to vent some stress, but also to say that what I’ve learned most from being a mom is how to roll with the punches and put my best foot forward. When someone else is depending on you to take care of them even though you’re ill or tired, you just find a way to do it. No ifs, ands, or buts. Being a mom in my own right makes me appreciate my Mom all-the-more. All those sleepless nights taking care of sick kids when you’re sick as a dog yourself–hardcore, Mom, hardcore!

So, to all the moms just getting by one day at a time or to those having a rough week, hang in there! I’m rooting for you and it’s going to get better!

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