Potty Training — Our NOT so Typical Experience [[Plus Cloth Options for Overnight from Super Undies]]

*I received our Super Hero Nighttime Undies from Super Undies in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Ever since Eric and I have been parents (2013), we’ve had expectations for how things will go. Some experiences have exceeded our expectations, while others have….not.

Potty training has been a roller coaster filled with more ups and downs & twists and turns than I ever would’ve imagined.

We didn’t bother pushing potty training on our son before baby girl arrived because everything I read and my mom friend’s testimonials pointed to the idea that after new baby was born, there would be a potty training backslide. So, we waited.

Three months after baby girl was born, we tackled potty training. It was not going well until we found resources for him to read and began using a timer system. Within a month he was peeing in the potty consistently. No accidents. Pooping in the potty took a little longer, but we got there, too! I’m sure our sense of accomplishment matched his own.

But life. This year in March, things took a turn for the unexpected. Our son has always has tummy trouble. Already on Acid Reflux medicine twice a day & living a dairy free life, we were used to modified diets, special attentions, & poop tracking. I guess that last one is how I noticed he had stopped pooping altogether.

That alone was worrisome. Then the soiling happened. Never having experienced any kind of constipation issues, I just assumed he was having accidents. We chalked it up to a behavior issue and started trying to control it with incentives. Now, obviously, this didn’t work. Looking back, I cringe even thinking about our initial reaction, but we just didn’t know. When you see soft liquidity poop in underwear, you don’t think, hey my kid is constipated. But he was. Three days into this mess, we took him on a Friday to his pediatrician, whom we love. She realized right away what the soiling was and prescribed Miralax and suppositories.

Understandably so, we were nervous about that last bit. The reality was even worse. The suppositories produced results, but not enough. After a hellish weekend that I’ve spent time and energy trying to forget, we got him into his Gastrointestinal doctor. A new doctor we had never seen before, but in the practice we were used to going to and trusted. Immediately, both my husband and myself got a weird, let’s call it a vibe, off this doctor. Whatever the case, her reluctance to do anything upfront to help us, caused harm and we have since switched doctors.

Two weeks after the problems began, we drove to the children’s hospital to get our son “cleaned out.” The process was awful. Watching someone stick an NG tube down your kids nose is not great. Having to have them in the hospital miserable, angry, & exhausted is not awesome either. We muddled through and when he was clear we got the green light to come home.

He was on a new restricted diet. We had seen a new wonderful GI and we figured we were on the mend.

But, life.

Luckily, this last time around we knew what we were looking for, so instead of a lengthy hospital stay, we had a quick few hours ER trip.

So, through all of this, we lost a handle on potty training.

Once we got daytime potty training back, we figured we were done since nighttime potty training comes when it comes, but then our pull ups started leaking. Every. Single. Night.

And let me tell you a pee soaked kid, a soaking wet bed, and a baby sleeping nearby do not make for a smooth bedtime.

I started looking around for other options. Especially as cloth diaper loving parents, using disposable pull ups made us a bit sad, but we thought, “Hey, whatever works!” Because sometimes you truly need the path of least resistance. But if they aren’t working, I wanted a different choice.

Through a little bit of luck, I saw that Super Undies now makes overnight trainers! I reached out to them about test running a pair and they sent these super cool super hero ones over.

Little man loves them! And they can hold up against disposable pull ups any day. In fact, they are so cost-effective. You can buy three of those and use them on rotation instead of a box of nighttime pull ups once a month.

We went with a medium for our 4-year-old, and it’s a bit roomy, but allows us to stuff it for extra absorbency, which we need. They also make these in larger sizes for older children and those with special needs.

I cannot recommend these new trainers highly enough. I’m getting ready to invest in 2 more and never look back at disposable pull ups again (except maybe on vacations because this mama doesn’t do laundry on vacay😂).

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  1. Those cloth undies look awesome! Thanks for sharing your journey. I’m just starting to wrap my brain around it for my 2.5 year old

  2. Oooo, I need to try these for my son. We’re currently in the potty training process, and since he has special needs, I know nighttime training is going to take much longer. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I love those overnight undies. What a great idea! We are going to start potty training our daughter either this Thanksgiving or during Christmas break. I will definitely need to look into these for her.

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