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wp-1470107118943.jpg*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

If you had asked me just last week if I thought it was possible for my son to be setting his own potty timer, experiencing dry underwear ALL day, and even managing to poop once in the potty, I would’ve said it was improbable. The strides he’s made in the last 5 days are incredible. The keys to our success right now are forthcoming: a timer, association, open discussion, and consistency. The Poo Poo Fairy and the Paulina doll go hand-in-hand with our open discussion mentality. I’m sure it’s considered gross, but right now in our house, bodily functions are normal and absolutely no big deal. I mean, come on, everybody does it. That’s what’s so cool about potty training books for your children–they help normalize learning to use the toilet. They help take the fear away. Plus, toddlers can see themselves reflected in the children on the page.

The Poo Poo Fairy is a beautifully illustrated and well articulated children’s book that addresses the tough milestone (for parent and child) that is potty training. It does this in a unique, fun, and quirky way truly unlike any other potty training book I’ve see thus far. The Paulina fairy doll that comes with the book adds an extra level of enjoyment for our little man, and really, for any toddler. Let Paulina be visible but out of reach being a sneaky fairy if you can. She can even leave little treats when your toddler does well. Or if you have a child like ours who likes to touch and really experience everything, give them access to Paulina. They can carry the doll with them or set her with their toys and let her be a bigger part of their successes. One thing I’ve learned in the last three months is there is no “right way” or “one way” to potty train your child as long as it’s a positive experience. This book will give you great tools, but you ultimately decide how to use them to best support your potty learner.

Now, one thing I really loved about The Poo Poo Fairy was that, in the story, Paulina helps a little boy learn to poop in the potty. This makes it absolutely ideal for our family because we have a little boy who is struggling to poop in the potty. The story becomes relatable to him and a great way for us to reinforce the “everybody poops” mentality.

I have to say I would definitely recommend The Poo Poo Fairy to any parent beginning their potty training journey. The book is informative while still being on a young child’s emotional level. Plus, as I mentioned before, the illustrations are incredible and give toddler’s plenty to look at and focus on adding extra appeal to the book. And when you’re finally done potty training (yay!), it is still a great book to keep on the shelf, use for another child, or pass on to a friend in need.

While we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to Paulina yet as our potty learner still has a ways to go, I’m very glad she flew in to help us!

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