Pint Size Productions Custom Board Book Review and Giveaway

**Pint Size Productions was kind enough to send me this board book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

If there was one thing I hoped Logan would love it’s books. Both my husband and myself are avid readers and to see that our son loves to read as well makes me so happy. As he’s grown, we’ve expanded his collection of board books, so that he is constantly reading with us and even by himself. The most recent addition to his bookshelf is something extra special and unique–a custom board book with the faces and names of Logan’s family created by myself and completed by Pint Size Productions. My dream is that when he’s grown, he’ll look at the book worn by time & made with love and remember his wonderful childhood.Besides designing what I hope will be a forever keepsake, I wanted to make an educational yet fun toy for Logan. Often, I’ll watch him pick a book off his little bookshelf and sit down on his elephant chair to read. It’s unbelievably precious, and I want to do everything I can to encourage the positive relationship that he already seems to have with literature. I couldn’t think of anything better than a faces & names book especially because Logan has enjoyed looking at pictures since he was very small. I’m pleased to say that he already recognizes some of us in the book and will point and identify who we are!

As to the quality of Pint Size Productions board books–completely exquisite, perfectly sized for little hands, and sturdy enough to withstand love from a toddler. I know that it will last through many, many not so gentle touches because the moment Logan got his hands on it, he bent the last page back towards the spine and it’s still holding up great! First toddler test, passed.

I’ve got to give this product a rave review! I think every family should have some special book that’s all their own. With that in mind, Pint Size Productions is giving one lucky winner the chance to make their very own board book!

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