Project Pomona Pirate Pants Review


**Project Pomona was kind enough to send me their pirate shorts for review, but all opinions expressed here are my own.**

I’ve been very lucky since I started blogging in discovering new products. I was so pleased to stumble upon Project Pomona when I collaborated with Spray Pal on the #clothiscute #giveaway! When I was working on my write-up, I visited their website and I was hooked! I knew I wanted a pair for Logan. Especially because I could relate with what everyone was saying about how difficult it is to fit ‘regular’ baby pants over fluffy bums. I was immediately stoked by the Organic Blue Jeans and added a pair of them in size 2T/3T to my cart because they were selling out quickly! Logan’s current size 18-24 month wasn’t even available because of how popular they are. The jeans I ended up buying are WAY too big for Logan, but it’s also WAY to hot in Texas right now for him to wear them, so that’s just fine. I’m actually pretty excited that I have a pair of jeans that will fit him this coming fall!

I had spoken with the owner, Meghan, about the possibility of review and so she kindly added a pair of shorts to my order. We had the choice between pirates and camo. We’re not a big camo family, but we love pirates and Logan has a ton of ‘Captain of the High Seas’ tee shirts right now. Coincidence? I think not.

I was so eager to see these shorts in person that when they arrived  I couldn’t get them out of the packaging fast enough. I immediately went to work photographing both the jeans and the shorts. I wanted to make sure I had pictures before Logan wore them. So many things can go wrong (i.e. poop blowout, food spills, unexpected holes, etc.)! Once the pictures were taken, I wanted to see them on the little man. He is going through an odd anti-pants stage, but seemed happy enough to have them on and I adored them! They are so cute! And he can move in them great–crawling, walking, standing, & jumping tested! They aren’t binding like his old pants were because of how tight the cloth diaper makes them.

Another great feature is the snap system at the waist. It allows you to size up and size down depending on your child’s weight, which I think is great because in order to get a pair of pants that fits Logan I usually have to size way up to accommodate his chunkiness and then roll up the pant legs because they’re too long. I much prefer this. The pant legs are the right length and the waist fits him well without being too loose or too snug!

One of the things I love the most is you can tell that these were created with children in mind. They are breathable, stretchy, soft, easily washed, easily sized, and just an all around great item of clothing to have in the closet. They wash really well and there are no traces of water residue left afterwards, even in my extremely hard water. This is a pretty amazing feat for black clothing. It’s usually affected when I wash.

I’m completely loyal to Project Pomona as my brand for children’s pants now. They’re the best, they fit over Logan’s cloth diapers, and they’re Texas local! Yup–Houston, TX! I was quite excited to find out this piece of information! So, give them some love–order a pair! I know you’ll like them!

Oh, and Walter the elephant loves them, too! When your child grows out of them use them on stuffed animals or pass them on to a family member or friend–I bet they’ll still be in great shape!

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