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*I received this product free for review, but all opinions expressed are my own.*

For the most part, I’ve done a great job at keeping on top of baby K’s monthly photo and update. On the other hand, I have not done so awesome at keeping her first activities documented. I have photos scatteted across various devices, but nothing is organized.

When our Milestone Baby Activity Cards arrived, I realized how many activities she had already done that I really hadn’t made any mention of and I also realized that we hadn’t done quite a few either. I immediately set into motion two plans. First, I wanted to use the milestone cards that had already happened in our family scrapbook. Second, I started making a pile of activity cards I wanted to do in the near future!(i.e.Going to the library, the zoo, & taking a hike)

Over the weekend we tackled the library! Little man more recently really started enjoying picture books and surprisingly baby K at just 10 months old already loves to turn board book pages and really analyze what’s in the pictures. I figured out of any outing I could pick for solo parenting, the library was setting us up for success. I was so right because the kids had a blast and I have to admit despite all the chaos, I did, too! Our library has kid computers, a rug area with blocks, a playhouse, & a mountain of books to choose from. After a couple hours of play and book picking, we brought home 5 new books to love on. It was such a good time, I’m glad I have our Milestone pictures to remember it.

For my scrapbook project, our beach trip last October was my number one priority. It was the perfect family vacation and it was actually both kid’s first time at the beach, so it was doubly special!

The final product turned out so amazing! I used our “my first time at the beach” and our “today I went swimming for the first time” cards to complete the layout. I could tell when I was explaining my concept idea to my husband, he wasn’t quite sure what I intended to do with the cards, but when he saw the finished product he was impressed. I seriously love that we have this family keepsake!

Find Milestone Baby Card Packs on their website + free printables! Make sure you don’t forget any of your little one’s milestones, big or small!

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