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wp-1473706360055.jpg*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Have you ever wanted to check out a new city without being tied down to certain dates, times, & even the specific activity itself? Well, there’s a card for that!

Smart Destinations has made it possible to explore a city and actually save money while you do. With little kids, we, of course, needed to stick close to home, so we received the San Antonio Explorer Pass.** The pass gave us access to one high profile activity, we chose Fiesta Texas, & access to two smaller activities. We chose Natural Bridge Caverns The Witte Museum. From what I know about the cost of getting two adults into Fiesta Texas sans an Explorer Pass, I can tell you that the pass is a GREAT deal since you also get to do two more things in town afterwards. Plus, while you could save buying a Fiesta Texas season pass, at this point in our lives, making the treck out there just once with two kids 3 and under is enough for a summer. I’d take the variety of our Explorer Pass over a season pass to one place any day.

Like I briefly mentioned we activated our pass at our first attraction: Fiesta Texas. We collected our tickets at will call, waited out a glorious summer storm, and then got to work exploring the park. It was a kick to see our son ride the kiddie park rides for the very first time as he was just one inch over the cutoff! Woohoo summer growth spurt! I’d like to say we all enjoyed the giant Texas wave pool, but little girl wanted nothing to do with it. She was happy, however, poised on top of my lap, so I relaxed in the water sitting in the shallows while the boys headed out to the deep end to ride the waves. The water park was the perfect way to cool off and end our Fiesta Texas adventure. Little man had so much fun we had to coax him out of there with the promise of french fries. Parenting.


Yesterday, we tackled our second attraction: The Witte Museum. There we enjoyed trying out some game-like physical fitness machines and little man got a chance to play in the toddler garden. The husband and I even had a battle to see who could remain calmest by strapping on a sensor headband and attempting to stay completely relaxed. Originally, I was the reigning champ (thank you childbirth), but our rematch produced mixed results. My brave husband also rode a suspension bike, which was wild to see. The Witte has changed so much since I was a kid and we’re very much looking forward to the 2017 expansion and hoping to see some dinosaurs. I think this is a great attraction to have available on the pass especially as the museum continues to grow.


Then finally, today, we used our last attraction pass to go out to Natural Bridge Caverns. By far the most physically grueling and definitely my husband’s favorite, we all had an absolute blast! With a kid strapped to each of us we descended down 180 feet, climbed back out, and emerged feeling victorious albeit a bit sweaty. It is glorious in there. You even get the opportunity to sample the cavern water, which is crystal clear & extremely clean. I though little man might not enjoy it since he was strapped to his Daddy’s back, but he was in awe along with the rest of us. Natural Bridge Caverns is definitely for all ages to enjoy.


While it may seem like the pass caters to mostly  out-of-towners, as a born and raised San Antonio girl, I think that this pass is awesome even for the locals. I’m not sure we would’ve gone to these various places otherwise and we saved quite a bit of money using the pass instead of paying individually at three separate locations.

The fine print of it all is as follows: You have 30 days from the day you activate your pass at your first attraction to go to the remaining two. You have a year from the day you purchase the pass to activate it. I think both time limits are very reasonable. Especially for a 3-pack because we just did our activities on the weekends when my husband had time off work.

I’m thrilled that I got the opportunity from Smart Destinations to do this review because although I drug my husband down to Texas from Washington kicking and screaming almost four years ago, he still had yet go to any of these places. It was a great experience and we made so many awesome memories as a family. I highly recommend getting a pass the next time you’re planning a bunch of outings. The pass provides flexibility and savings and that can’t be beat! Purchase your very own San Antonio Explorer Pass! Or, if you’re getting ready to take a trip, see there’s an Explorer Pass for where you’re headed since they have passes for 12 other cities!

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**Noted: The San Antonio Explorer Pass comes in a three or five pack. There is also an option to create your own.We received a complimentary 3-pack for two adults for the purpose of review.

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