Self-Feeding Machine — The NumNum Revolution Continues + GIVEAWAY

*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

I’ve never seen a bowl like this! Though, to be honest, I had never seen a gootensil before this either, so NumNum’s really nailing their products! The bowl’s revolutionary design keeps the food pooling in the center ensuring baby gets some food every time they dip. Even at 7 months old, baby girl can feed herself! Granted, it is super messy. Like, a bathing in food immediately needing a bath afterwards kinda messy, but she can do it all by herself! Isn’t that incredible?

I especially like that the bowl fits perfectly on our Chicco chair’s food tray. So, unless baby girl picks it up and throws it (ask me how I know…), it doesn’t slide around making it a much easier target for new eaters! The silicone lining on the bottom lends it extra stability as well. 

Check out baby girl doing it all by herself in the pictures below! Plus, don’t forget to enter the Instagram GIVEAWAY to win a NumNum set for the little eater in your life! 

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  1. These NumNum products are so innovative! My little L could definitely benefit from the bowl, as she is so insistent on managing mealtime on her own. 🙂 Fingers crossed on my giveaway entry!

  2. I have the Num Num spoons for Remy, but we haven’t used them yet! Is it weird that I’m SCARED!? Haha! I know that it will help her development, but I totally don’t want to clean up the mess! Haha!

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