Shopping locally, acquiring more diapers, and Punkin Butt Teething Oil

When I was getting ready to start cloth diapering, I had every intention of ordering a starter kit from Amazon using my Amazon Mom/Prime account to cover things like shipping. But, the more cloth diapers I looked at, the more I realized I couldn’t begin to figure out which diapers would work for us from pictures or other peoples’ testimonials. Did I want snaps or did I want Velcro? One size fits all or a certain weight category? I needed to see them in person. This brought us to finding a place locally to shop. A friend suggested Go Baby Go (in Alamo Heights) as a great place to begin. And it totally was. If you read my previous blog about cloth diapers, you know all about our very first batch of cloth diapers and the awesome staff at Go Baby Go that helped me procure them. If you haven’t read my previous post, you should. It comes with super cute pictures!
Anyways, not even one week into cloth diapering and I was hooked. I found myself looking at cloth diapers on the internet after my son had gone to bed, putting my name into raffles, and bidding on rare prints. You know, the normal behaviors that follow after becoming a fluff addict. My husband thought I had lost my mind.

It didn’t take long before I was ready to tackle bedtime diapering, too. This lead me to my second batch of cloth diapers, which came from Kiwi Baby Shop (affiliate link), another local San Antonio store. (Kiwi Baby Shop also has a great online presence so you can order and receive fluff in the comfort of your own home! Yay!) I spent two whole days pouring over the website. Desperate to buy one of every diaper, but aware enough of our finances to know that wasn’t even close to possible. I had to focus. What did I need to add to our collection to make nighttime cloth diapering a success? I turned to Kiwi Baby Shop’s owner, Yazhi, for answers! Like the diapering guru that she is, she was able to tell me everything I needed to know. I had a plan. I ordered a GroVia Kiwi Pie fitted diaper (in elephant print) to be paired with Flip covers. I didn’t make it off the website without ordering a couple more things that I just *needed*…i.e. a GroVia Shell with kites, another AppleCheeks cover in red, two more elephant print covers & Flip Organic Cotton prefolds for day and night. 
I cannot say enough good things about the items I purchased from Kiwi Baby Shop. The GroVia Kiwi Pie Fitted Diaper has been such an amazing nighttime diaper that I bought another one almost immediately. We have NEVER had a leak (super important since we cosleep!) and we pair them with Flip covers or AppleCheeks covers. I just love how simple our nighttime routine is!

Since I started shopping locally, I have discovered so many amazing brands that I NEVER would’ve found on Amazon. I’ve become so dedicated to supporting local business that I will not be renewing my Amazon Mom membership in the fall, but instead will buy my detergent and other cloth diapering accessories right here in San Antonio. šŸ™‚

I will finish with one more reason why Kiwi Baby Shop is so awesome and that is because I found Punkin Butt Teething Oil there, which has been the only thing that seems to offer any relief to my 11 month old son who already has 7 teeth and more any day now!

I love cloth diapers, I love natural remedies, & I love supporting local businesses. I am a super crunchy mom and damn proud to be one!

Till next time y’all!

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