Smelling Natural Doesn’t Stink! PiperWai Natural Deodorant Review

**PiperWai kindly sent me this sample free of charge for review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

Before pregnancy, and even mostly during, I never had trouble with body odor. The moment I birthed our little man, I started having issues. My hormones were readjusting to not being pregnant and it was wrecking havoc with my body. No matter how often I showered–daily, maybe more–moments after I would smell myself, and I didn’t smell clean. I wish I had known about PiperWai back then!
Where all the other natural deodorants I’ve tried have fallen short, PiperWai goes the distant.
If you’ve been keeping up with current events, you know that many of the ingredients in mainstream deodorants are toxic. Ingredients such as aluminum have been linked to various cancers (i.e. breast cancer). Just in case I needed another reason not to put chemicals on and in my body, that is quite a good one.
So, even in my postpartum time of need, I didn’t stray from natural options. Unfortunately, none of these options showed me the same loyalty. If you’ve been disappointed with your natural deodorant options, I hope you won’t go back to mainstream, but will instead try PiperWai.
PiperWai is made with shea butter, essential oils, & activated charcoal. All tried and true ingredients, which I absolutely love!
The application may be quite different from what you’re used to. While the convenience of just being able to rapidly apply your deodorant is nice, applying it with your finger tips doesn’t take much extra time and definitely isn’t a deal breaker for this mama. Honestly, I’m lovingPiperWai! It goes on smooth and clear. Plus, it feels nice, is nourishing for my skin, and smells refreshing. I apply it after a shower and it gives me at least 24 hour protection.If you’re wanting to try a natural deodorant that actually works, this is the one!

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