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*I recieved this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own. *

When we began our cloth diaper journey two years ago, I purchased prefolds and covers plus an adorable Snappi two pack at Go Baby Go here in town. Little did I know that those items were a metaphorical gateway drug to the magical world of cloth diapering. Once I started, I wanted to buy all the diapers, except anything aplix. Velco just doesn’t work for me.

Sad to say, but our Snappis got no love until months later because we were trifolding the prefolds and flats instead of using them like a fitted diaper. Since little man had already started eating some solids and definitely wasn’t having explosive EBF poop anymore we went through very few covers a day and anywhere from 6-8 prefolds. He wasn’t pooping with every meal, so I didn’t see any reason to change our style of diapering since it worked for us. But, luckily for me, I began to blog and had the opportunity to try all manner of cloth diapers, so that when baby number two came around, I was ready from day one.

Flash forward to April 15 when our baby girl was born. I opted out of using cloth diapers in the hospital and I allowed myself a couple days of healing before I dove in. On her fifth day of life, we started using our carefully cultivated stash and haven’t looked back. My original Snappis that were packed away and the second pack that I bought when I purchased a few more newborn covers have become a hot commodity! I have one in our bedroom baby basket, one in our diaper bag, & two in the changing closet. In fact, I haven’t gone one day without using my Snappis in our cloth diapering routine. I find them to be invaluable since using my prefolds like fitteds keeps my covers (mostly) free of baby poop and allows me to keep using the cover throughout the day. Anything that helps prevent extra laundry is a huge win in my book.

I can also attest that Snappis are incredibly easy to clean with a damp wipe if (when) you get messy poop on them! I learned this the hard way during an ill-fated errand outing when a very large blowout took place. It was everywhere, including on the Snappi, so I got worried I wouldn’t have anything to secure the clean prefold with, but the Snappi washed off well and was ready to go again in under a minute. Perfect design for busy parents!

I must say I feel silly admitting this, but until writing this review, I didn’t realize that the loops on the end of the Snappi had a purpose! I hope I’m not the only one! Contrary to what you might think they are not for stretching the diaper fastener as this could damage it. Instead, they are to cover the teeth when you’re not using your Snappi. How cool is it that you can protect your fabrics from getting snagged in a drawer or diaper bag and keep tiny hands from getting scraped when the Snappi is not being worn? I’m so excited to know this and have already covered all the teeth on my Snappis. They are so much easier to pull out of my drawer now! See my example below.

I also didn’t realize that you should stretch the Snappi a few times prior to first use, so that it gets its “muscle memory”. This ideally pulls the cloth to the middle for the most secure and comfortable fit. They are a much safer alternative to diaper pins and a heck of a lot easier to use, too! Such an innovative design!

Notably, the Snappi is made without any latex, so no need to worry about latex allergies, and they currently come in packs of 3 or 5.

While I already loved the old Snappi colors, the new ones are really lovely with silver and purple being my all-time favorites. Even though they don’t show, I like to match them to my daughter’s outfits just for fun.

You can purchase your very own Snappis on their website.

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Oh, and head over to my Instagram to win a 3-pack of the new colors! Look for the GIVEAWAY photo & follow the directions!

Cloth diaper changes are as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the Snappi!

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