Snappis in Size Two?! Perfect for the busy toddler!

*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Right around the time baby girl was born last year, I got the opportunity to work with Snappi Baby on the launch of their brand new colors. They instantly became my favorite (sorry old colors)! But new or old colors, the product is what matters, and the product is fabulous.

I’ve now been using Snappis for almost 4 years and I’ve come to learn just how resilient they are. We have used them over and over again, and they’re still going strong. They’ve even survived some major breastfeeding baby blowouts; a quick wipe down + wash off and they were good to go again. So awesome!

While I’m a complete believer in Snappi Size One, I’m here to tell you about the NEW Size Two! It’s for toddlers! I am so stoked to be testing this out on our busy 16 month old! She never stops moving, but Snappi’s grippy teeth are up for the job. Little girl is even excited to “help” put her Snappi on….though she does try to wear them in her hair. Silly baby.

Let’s break it down so you can see size comparisons:

For the infinitely busy toddler, size two is going to give you the extra length you need to get a solid, no-slip fit on your cloth. The Snappi works with prefolds, flats, & fitteds. In the time little girl deigned to allow me, I tried it with both a prefold & a flat, but I know for a fact they are awesome for fitteds too. After that, throw on your favorite cover and you’ve got a solid no leak diaper solution! We use a mix of AppleCheeks Size 2 and Truly Charis wool covers.

To be honest, if you want to cloth diaper, you need a pack of Snappis. They’re game changers. As a baby shower gift, one pack of size one & one pack of size two with flats would get parents from birth- potty training! How cool is that?

Snappis are available in packs of 3 or 5 from, of course, their website & also on Amazon!

If you’re local to SA, you can also pick them up at Go Baby Go.

So, if you’re cloth diapering a wiggly toddler, it’s time to get a new pack of Snappis! As Maui would say, “You’re Welcome!” ((If you have no idea what I’m talking about, are you sure you’re a parent?))

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  1. I’ve always noticed these in the cloth diaper section but never know what they were for. I’ve done pocket diapers.

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