Snoofy Bee — Keep Little Hands Mess Free ((Review)) #snoofybee

There is a general parenting wisdom that you should not put your baby in the clothes you want them to wear until you’re at the event the clothes are intended for. Why? Let me tell you a story. 

It was a lovely Fall day (whatever that actually means in Texas) and we were headed an hour plus out of town to the glorious Marble Falls Pumpkin Patch. I planned it perfectly to coincide with little miss’ morning nap, so that she wouldn’t scream the whole drive up. My plan was flawlessly executed and she didn’t cry once, even sleeping the whole first hour. Five minutes out from our destination, a smell began wafting up to the front of the car. An ominous smell. And I just knew we had a diaper blow out. Upon parking, I removed baby girl from the carseat to discover what I already knew: poop was all over her lower half, the outfit included. This could’ve been a giant mess since an extremely squirmy baby covered in poop doesn’t exactly make for the smoothest back of the car diaper change, but thanks too Snoofy Bee, it wasn’t. I had my husband pull it out of our Eba Tote, lay it down, & put a toy on one of the two toy rings. I was able to get her completely cleaned up without her hands ever once getting into the poop. It was simple & fast. When she was changed and in fresh clothes, the Snoofy Bee was easily wiped down and repackaged. 

Snoofy Bee completely saved the day and I’m saying it right now, it’s a diaper bag must-have. In fact, one in the diaper bag and one in your car would be most ideal! The beauty is how portable it is. It makes it fantastic for road trips, hotel stays, and even just floor changes at home.

Best features:

So many adorable prints! OurMint Dot matches baby K’s nursery color scheme and I just love it!

Keeps little hands clean! Never again will you struggle to keep flailing hands out of your way and out of poop. Plus, it keeps baby from touching public changing tables. While it’s easy to wash our hands after a change, washing baby’s can be a serious pain.

 Baby’s occupied & happy. My kids go through periods of HATING diaper changes. Trying to give a baby a clean diaper under duress is proof that mother’s are amazing. Seriously, having a baby scream at you for doing something that needs to get done is the worst. Instead, with Snoofy Bee, the baby has a toy to keep their attention and you can work in peace. 

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  1. OH my gosh hahaha! I had to laugh a little but how smart is this!??? Love it. My kids are both potty trained now but let me tell you how many times I squealed over poop.

  2. I need one of these ASAP! My son is pulling on his friend the minute the diaper comes off, so that makes changing a poopy diaper rather interesting!

    IG: @JustMeOMaya

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