So Much New in the New Year

Whew– was the last time I blogged really November?

Life has been moving at a seriously accelerated pace lately!

Right after Christmas — we packed up our belongings, I said a goodbye to my childhood home (not quite sure I’m over that yet, but at least it gave me the gift of snow before we left), & we moved.

This move has been MASSIVE. Moving 4 adults & 2 small children is no minor thing. And, of course because life is the way it is, both kids got sick right smack in the middle moving week — the day before the movers came. It rendered me pretty useless except while they slept and so transporting most of our little family’s belongings fell to my husband. Sorry! I love you!

In fact, our 5th wedding anniversary also fell during this time of transition and went mostly unsung. We’ll catch our 3rd marriage day in March when everything has calmed down….if that happens. Yes, I have married the same man three times in three separate ceremonies. Third times the charm, right? Though only one was technically legal.

And due to a cosmic joke, we have once again managed to move to a place without internet. I am back to operating soley from my very beat up Samsung. It’s not ideal. We have an installation scheduled for tomorrow, but Texas being the jokster it is has promised us harrowing weather conditions. Go figure.

I’ve got quite a few fun things coming up for my little blog in the new year (like featuring the UnbuckleMe), and beyond that I want to wish you all a happy 2018 & thank you for following along the last four years!



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