Starting Cloth Diapers

Originally, I wanted to cloth diaper Logan from the beginning. Having been researching all manner of organic and natural baby products for months during my pregnancy, I was ready to be an earth friendly mama. Imagine my disappointment when everyone told me that it would be too difficult to do while I was sleep-deprived and that I wouldn’t have any time to keep up with the extra laundry. As conflicted as I was about this decision, I decided that being a first-time mom, I would heed everyone’s warnings. I dropped the cloth diapering idea & thank god I did because we had every poop problem under the sun in those first few months. Acid reflux mixed with food allergies (given to Logan via my breast milk) made everything so much more complicated. I was exhausted, starving from being on an elimination diet, and stressed out. I think I could’ve managed cloth diapers, but I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed the experience. Everything happens for a reason.

This brings us to this weekend. I had decided about a month ago that I was ready to stop spending $100+ every month on disposable diapers and was ready to once again push forward with my idea to attempt cloth diapering. I had proposed it to my husband and he was on board, so I treated myself to a day of investigating my options. The staff at Go Baby Go in Alamo Heights were extremely helpful and I left that day ready to tell Eric (DH) all about what I had learned. Eventually, my plan was to drag him in there one weekend so we could pick the diapers we wanted and he could be involved with the decision making process. After all, I’m not the only one who changes diapers. Most of them, but not all. So, finally, all the stars aligned and we headed to Go Baby Go where the staff once again helped us from the moment we walked in till we finally made our decision. The ladies in there are willing to work with you and really listen to your needs. Their suggestions are so helpful. For instance, my son has super chunky thighs, so they suggested Applecheeks covers instead of Best Bottoms because they’re more roomy. Finally after about an hour & a half (WAY more time than my husband wanted to spend in there) of deliberation in which I soaked up all the information I could get, we finally left– a bit poorer , but ultimately very happy with our purchases! The start-up cost can be a bit steep, but the ultimate savings make it so worth it!

The criteria our family had to adhere to where as follows: we needed simplicity, we needed to not break the bank, and we needed enough diapers for me to do laundry every three days. In a perfect world we would have all AIOs, but costwise and even in respect to how much laundry would build up in three days, it just wasn’t reasonable. Our solution was to do prefolds and covers. We bought twelve Sweet Pea prefolds and three Applecheeks covers. In addition we also bought two Blueberry One Size Simplex AIOs. They were the first thing my husband picked up when we entered the store because of the cute elephant (pictured on my son above and below) and dinosaurs prints. They just had to come home with us. (I use these in our diaper bag and they make great grab and go diapers!) We also walked out with a wet bag, pail liner, and samples of Country Save.

When we got home, I organized our diapers by type so that I could begin the prep washing. I’m not going to lie, I was so confused about the prep washing instructions that I had to take to the internet to figure out what fabrics I could wash together and how many times they needed to be washed. When the internet failed me because people list too many variations, I looked to a friend that cloth diapers her daughter and took her advice. The prefold washing instructions were pretty straightforward however. Thank god Go Baby Go gave us a handout, which is still posted on our wall just for reference. I needed to wash them 3-5 times to help them reach max absorbency and I had no idea how long that would take. I had twelve prefolds to wash, so I figured it was fine to do a load as is. I used the Country Save to do our prepping and was surprisingly pleased with the soap. We have well water and to say it’s hard as a rock is an understatement. It took me the rest of the night to get everything prepped, but I did it!
Did I want to put Logan in a cloth diaper immediately? Yes, yes, I did. But it was late and we had decided at Go Baby Go that it would be a good idea to start out just daytime cloth diapering and using the rest of our disposables for nighttime till we got the hang of it. Plus, we needed to figure out how much absorbancy he would need for overnight. I was like a kid the night before Christmas–I was so anxious to put Logan in his very first cloth diaper that Sunday morning couldn’t come fast enough. So, when we woke up, the first diaper change of the day was to pop on the Blueberry elephant AIO. It was so adorable that we decided not to cover it with pants, but to just throw on a T-shirt & call it good. Outfit done!

Two hours later, the beautiful diaper was soiled with poop. Figures, right? However, committed to our cause, we pressed on. A new cloth diaper (Applecheeks pictured to the left and below) and lots of scrubbing in the sink later, we were done with that changing. The good news is the rest of the day was a breeze! I’m very much in love with this new experience!

One day *almost* done–successfully! Many, many more successes to come!

This mama is signing off.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. πŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks for sharing your cloth diaper journey! This is something we considered as well but decided it would be too much trouble to deal with at the beginning. Perhaps I’ll give it some more thought now that Hank is older. πŸ™‚

  2. I highly recommend it! If you do, feel free to pick my brain and I can help you find local stores/Facebook groups to help you along the way. πŸ™‚ Plus, I’ve heard (and seen personally with some of my daycare kiddos) that it helps with potty training. Here’s hoping because I hear boys are so much harder. Haha

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