Straight Razors Aren’t Just For Beards

 I absolutely hate shaving my legs. I did even before having Logan, but now it’s like who has the time?! Still, I won’t make my poor husband suffer through hairy legs because of my aversion. So, about two months ago, I ran out of my razor heads. This was problematic because I needed to wear a dress and I didn’t have time to run out to the store to replace them. On a whim, I asked my husband if I could use his straight razor–a Dovo Shavette with removable blade and plastic sleeve. I think he was a little taken aback by my request, but he consented. I’m pretty sure he was curious to see how I would fare.

Even before starting the straight razor, I preferred to shave my legs in the sink. We have a TINY standing shower and it is not conducive to shaving anyhow, so shaving in the sink is way easier! Plus, when you’re going to use a straight razor you want good lighting and a dry hand. You don’t want to have your hand slip unless you feel like visiting the ER for a round of stitches.

Still, I was a bit nervous about cutting myself. Then again, I’ve cut myself plenty with the “safety razors,” so I’m not sure why I bothered worrying about it. I knew from watching my hubby shave (and from previous research) that I needed a good lathering soap to protect my skin and to remove all the natural oil that leaves a residue on your blade, so I used the pump lather Shave with Benefits soap that I received from my husband for my birthday. It’s all natural and came from Birchbox. I know it may not seem like a birthday gift, but I love it! It smells amazing and works like a charm.

I worked the soap between my hands and then rubbed it all over my damp leg. From there, I used the straight razor and slowly shaved both of my legs, wiping off the razor when needed. The end result was the smoothest, most amazing shave I’ve ever had. After the first straight razor shave, I was hooked.

There are three main differences I’ve noticed shaving with the straight razor versus a safety razor.
1.) The stroke. When you shave with a safety razor, you move in long strokes up the leg. I started using the straight razor like this, but I wasn’t getting the best results. My husband then suggested using small strokes and, let me tell you, it’s a night & day difference. You get a closer, smoother shave. Not too mention, you’re less likely to cut yourself and get razor burn.
2.) The angle. With a safety razor you place the blades flat against your skin, but with a straight razor your have to angle it to cut through the hair. The steepness of your angle varies on where you’re shaving. I also think it’s personal preference.
3.) You wipe the hair off the blade. With all my past razors, I would just hold it underneath the water to get the hair off. But, I couldn’t figure out why this method wouldn’t work with the straight razor. My husband taught me to wipe the blade off on a towel after each set of strokes. Make sure to wipe away from the cutting edge to preserve the blade and towel. I have to say I prefer this method. It really cleans the blade and gets you a closer shave every time without a bunch of cut hair mucking everything up.

I will not be purchasing anymore safety razor heads! I think they’re a waste of money. We purchased Eric’s straight razor from the Art of Shaving at La Cantera more than a year ago and the first blade it came with is still going strong. While, I know that the safety razors are not Eco-friendly–all that plastic, come on–the straight razor is. And, they lack quality control, not all safety razors are created equal.  In fact, I tried to shave with a cheap razor two weeks ago and it made my legs break out in the worst razor burn ever! Seriously, I looked like I had thousands of bug bites all over my legs. And no, it’s not because I forgot to moisturize afterwards. I did lotion up my post-shaved legs and it still left me with terrible razor burn.

I am completely converted to the straight razor! It’s so awesome. Easy to use and easy to clean. Not too mention we’re cutting our expenses way down. It’s amazing how expensive women’s razor heads are. As if the lotion and soap strip they add make that big of a difference, I still have to use my own soap and lotion so why bother.

Seriously ladies, try out a straight razor. Take your time, give it a chance, and I think you’ll love it!

Also, I have never cut myself with the straight razor any worse that I have cut myself with a safety razor. In fact, using a safety razor, I have cut myself on the ankle bone so badly that I was positive I was just going to bleed out in the shower. So, don’t worry about this new method. Chances are you’ve already experienced the worst shaving cut.

**Disclaimer: I love using the straight razor, but I want it known that a straight razor can be dangerous. Do not attempt to use it while in a hurry or if you’re sleep deprived. Also, keep it out of the reach of children. Thanks!**

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