Sudsy Dough: Good Clean Fun ((Review)) #sudsydough

Little hands manipulate blue play dough.*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Our son has not played with a lot of sensory dough in his life mainly because I am super picky about what he can handle when it comes to keeping him away from toxins. While obviously you shouldn’t eat play dough, kids stick things in their mouths all the time and if he were to ever swallow real play-doh, I’d have a heart attack. Poison control anyone? And yes, I know there are safer alternatives on the market, I’ve even made some from scratch, but none of them were ever good enough. They wouldn’t hold a shape and easily crumbled. So, when I applied to review Sudsy Dough, I was both curious and extremely skeptical. 

Little boy smells blue play dough.

Luckily, Sudsy Dough is freakin’ rad. Free of phlates, sulfates, etc., Sudsy Dough is easily molded, can be used with cookie cutters, smells mind-blowingly amazing, and turns into bath soap. Yeah, seriously. Bath soap. It’s so fantastic that our active three year old sat at the corner nook table and played with the dough for over two hours. Clean-up was a dream as it didn’t adhere to any surfaces never to be removed or work its way into the fibers of our playroom carpet also never to be removed. 

At bathtime, little man played with a soap shape handcrafted by Daddy and left out overnight to harden. The dough dissolves super slowly! Even at the end of the bath all the dough hadn’t dissolved and could be used for another round of playtime. 

Turtle made from moldable dough called Sudsy Dough.

If you portion out your dough, it will be a toy that you can enjoy over and over again!

Find Sudsy Dough on Amazon in quite a few scents and colors!

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