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I cannot believe we have less two months to go until the newest addition to our family arrives! This pregnancy has flown by, and as I think about what it was like to have a newborn in the house just three short years ago, I’m a tad nervous to brave the sleepless nights all over again–especially now with a toddler, too. However, as long as this little one doesn’t also have colic, there is no way it can be as complicated as it was the first time we brought a newborn home.

NewbornCover_SmallBut while every bundle of joy is different, there are some constants to life with a newborn; lots and lots of feeding, sleeping, and diaper changing. Newborn babes have tiny tummies, so they need to eat more frequently, which leads to them waking often and interrupting what adults consider to be “normal” sleep. Truly unless you hire someone to wake you ever hour of the night, you cannot prepare for this event, but you’ll get through it just like all new parents. Another thing that it helps to remember is that you’re not alone. There are books and websites dedicated to helping you in those early newborn days and beyond. The Baby Sleep Site is a great resource for both new parents and seasoned veterans.

When my husband and I found ourselves completely helpless trying to get our son to sleep, we had no clue where to turn. We were exhausted, desperate, and wondering how many more nights of the endless crying and screaming we could endure. It was a rough time and one I don’t look back on with much fondness. As much as we love our son, the fact that the only way he’d sleep was nursing or in his swing wasn’t blissful. What I didn’t realize at the time, but know all too well now, is that so many parents were sharing this experience with us.

As a soon to be second time parent, I’ve found reading through the e-book Essential Keys To Your Newborn’s Sleep by Nicole Johnson to be both interesting and valuable. As Johnson states so eloquently at the preface of her book, “everything about a newborn is connected.” Johnson goes in-depth on this idea by focusing on 4 key points: feeding, communication, schedule, and routine. For instance, if your baby isn’t taking in enough food before they fall asleep, they’re going to wake up more quickly because they’re hungry. Seems simple and obvious, but it isn’t always that easy to recognize especially when you’re frazzled and everything feels new.  Or you could be in the unfortunate boat, like my husband and myself, to have a baby with colic due to acid reflux, gas, or food allergies. In that case, you’ll have to work harder to get a happy baby and happy sleep time, but it is still possible. The key to everything is finding the balance that works for your family. The Baby Sleep Site doesn’t promise one magical answer because if we’re all honest there isn’t one. Instead, The Baby Sleep Site allows you to customize a plan that will work for your baby and your family. It gives you tools and offers advice.

DSC_0579 (1)One thing that I know mom’s will appreciate is that both the website and the e-book are not just for breastfeeding moms, as Johnson has tailored her advice for both nursing and formula feeding families. While I strongly believe that breast is best for my family, I also understand that breastfeeding doesn’t always work out for everyone and that both breast and formula parents need a place where they can receive help.

Another thing for new families that I find quite valuable is that Johnson goes into great detail about how to recognize baby’s cues such as rooting. Learning how your baby is communicating with you and how to communicate with your baby is a wonderful thing. It was save you many, many headaches.

For us, we found as our son got older that incorporating a calming, warm bath into our nighttime routine helped quite a bit with his overall attitude and how well he slept. Johnson discusses ways to build a good schedule for your baby as routine definitely helps promote better sleep overall especially long term. We have high hopes to have a much smoother transition with this next baby and to help set ourselves up for success early on with better sleeping habits. I know that I’ll be referencing this resource from time to time in the near future!

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  1. I think the key is consistency and routine. It is hard to be perfect with those things, it’s something we all have to work towards.

  2. Accepting that every child is different. Some little ones will happily sleep through the night early on and others naturally wake up into their toddler years. Think about it – not all adults sleep the same, why should kids? Supporting your child for who he is, not who you think he “should be”, will make you and your little one happier and better rested.

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