The Bath Time Challenge

As a SAHM, I have mastered bathing Logan by myself.  When he was really little we bathed him in his bathtub in the kitchen sink. It was great and much easier on the back. Now, he’s way too big and mobile to be bathed up there, so he gets bathed in the regular bathtub. It has been a heck of a challenge learning to bath such a squirmy child–so much so, that Eric doesn’t understand how I do it. Logan is a stand-in-the-bathtub kid. So dangerous, and when I was a newer mom, I freaked out and wouldn’t bathe him by myself. Well, if you always have to wait for someone to help you, your baby may or may not get bathed.

I attribute my solo bath time success to one key factor: preparation! Before I even get Logan undressed, I make sure that the water is warming up, the baby bathtub is inside the adult bathtub, his towel is within reach without being on the floor to get wet or dirty, and his soap, toys, & rinsing cup are all by the side of the bathtub. Once all of this is complete, Logan and I sit down on the rug in front of our bathtub to wait for it to fill up. Logan likes to stand in between my arms and play with bath frog (he squirts water!) while I test the temperature to make sure it’s heating evenly. We seem to have a lot of trouble with fluctuating water temperatures. When the bath water is ready to go, I say, “Arms up,” and Logan helps me get his shirt off. Then it’s diaper off and into the tub.

Not to say that first part isn’t tricky, but this is the part that requires finesse. Logan will sit to play for x amount of time. I’ll just say, it isn’t very long. So, as soon as he’s in, I go to work. I wash back, stomach, neck, feet, and legs. For whatever reason, pouring water over Logan’s head causes him to want to stand up. So, I don’t wash his hair until I’m ready for him to stand. This is the part that makes me feel clever. With one hand pouring water over his head, I get ready with soap in the other, drop the cup as he starts to stand and snake my arm around him to keep him from falling. Then I go to work washing his bum and privates. After that, he has to sit back down to get all the soap off and so I can get the towel draped across my body.

Getting him out of the tub is hard on my back and makes me feel ancient, but somehow we pull it off. I make the towel into a sort of seat on my lap, pick him up out of the tub in this position, set him down on my lap, and wrap him in the towel. While he’s sitting there in the towel, I empty his bathtub in the larger one and round-up his bath items. Once I manage to pick us both up off the ground, I call bath-time over. Getting him dry and dressed is a whole other kind of crazy!

If you’re traveling, I find bathing with Logan to be the easiest way for both of us to get clean. We did this the last time we stayed at a hotel and it was great! He actually had a lot of fun!

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