The Booby Monster Series: 13 Items to Keep Near You When Breastfeeding

When you sit down to breastfeed your baby, if you don’t have EVERYTHING you might need for the next two hours, they will inevitably fall asleep on you. And if you try to shift even a tiny bit, they’ll wake up screaming. Every. Single. Time.

So you’d think that after a year of breastfeeding,  I’d always be prepared, but often I forget something and I’m stuck in the same position for the next two hours while Logan sleeps & nurses.

My top 7 items to have within reaching distance are:

1.) My cellphone so that when I forget the rest of these items, I can text my husband to come give them to me! Of course, this only works with he is home. Not full-proof!

2.) The remote.

3.) A book.

4.) A snack like a granola bar.

5.) Pillows or stuffed animals that I can wedge under my elbow, under my thigh–anywhere that might need support from holding up my little man.

6.) A blanket. Often Logan will fall asleep without a shirt on and I worry about him getting too cold, but I always forget to keep a blanket close by.

7.) Water.

If you’re a new mom, here are 3 more super helpful items to have nearby:

8.) Nipple Butter.

9.) Fresh nursing pads (or a towel to catch your opposite breast’s letdown).

10.) If you’re having trouble with engorgement a heating pad and/or ice pack. I found these gave me a lot of relief in the early days.

And 3 more that aren’t so much necessary, but are nice to keep around:

11.) Lip balm.

12.) A clean shirt.

13.) Nursing necklace to keep little hands from scratching and grabbing other parts of your body.

I highly recommend creating a little traveling breastfeeding basket with as many of these items as possible. It’s easier to grab a put-together basket when baby decides it’s time to eat than to try to round up all these items in a hurry!

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