The Daily Goodie Box — April Box Reveal

**I received this box free for review, but you could too! Read on! As usual all opinions are my own.**

You guys, you need to be apart of the Daily Goodie Box

Truly, what are you waiting for? It’s completely free and all your have to do is leave honest reviews on the products.  You’d probably do that anyway, right? I love to leave reviews and I know I’m not alone. So, go, go — sign up & then come back & see what I got in my April box. You won’t be sorry you did! 

First Up, Bunches of Crunches. I will be honest & say this was the highlight of our box this time. It was delicious and the toddler ate most of it. So, now I’m going to have to hunt it down and keep it stocked in our pantry. 

Next, something that sounds so unbelievably gross yet tastes so darn good, Cherry Slurpee Cotton Candy. An epic junk food for your movie night shenanigans. 

This one is intriguing, Detox Water. I can always use more electrolytes, but I hate resorting to Gatorade to do it, so this is another option. I also love that it’s organic. 

Powdered Peanut Butter. I’m going to be honest and say I didn’t even know this was a thing, but as someone who suffers from low blood sugar, it’s going in my purse. I also heard that it is amazing in smoothies and by adding water to the powder you have real peanut butter on the go. Perfect sample to keep on you for emergencies!

Who digs Emergen-C? This EBOOST sample might be for you then because it has that same vibe. Plus, Strawberry Kiwi — yum!

Somehow Daily Goodie Box just knew that I have chronically dry skin, especially on my hands. This FULL SIZE sample of Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion is super hydrating without being greasy. It’s fantastic!

Dude. No seriously. Dude Quick Shower Wipes. These are neat and perfect for leaving in the car. After a stressful day at work, or a quick workout before you get down to business, freshen up with one of these. They’re very soft with a pleasant smell.

Then, a staple for those who have hormonal blemishes, so basically everyone — #MPWR. The bag won me over by looking like Zombies. You see it, right? But my husband also tried it and gave his stamp of approval. The man never breaks out and I appreciate him timing this rare occurrence to when I had a review to write. So, yay, an organic blemish treatment that works!

Finally,  there were a few other goodies like the Goddess Garden Sunscreen and a bunch of coupons, so April’s box was too cool! Again, this is free! Why haven’t you signed up?

Did you sign up yet? 😉

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    1. On their website! You make an account & when you get your monthly box, there’s a place to review each item. ☺

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