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I RSVP’d to The DoSeum’s grand opening a couple of weeks in advance, but when the big day finally came around Logan and I were super sick, so we were unable to attend. Having seen a couple of previews from other San Antonio bloggers, I was anxious to check it out for myself, but as two weeks past I had heard so much buzz about how amazing this new Children’s Museum was that I didn’t think it could live up to the hype. I’m so happy to have been proven wrong!

Play & Learn

The DoSeum is downright awesome thanks to its hands-on design! It’s a drastic difference from children’s museums where you can’t touch anything. In fact, I cannot get over how much there is to do! I never dreamed they could pack so many concepts into one location.

I’m so glad that my family ended up purchasing the Family FOUR membership before even setting foot on the property. After debating the pros and cons, I decided that at $11 a ticket if you take three people just three times you’ve already spent the price of the lowest annual membership, so by opting into one you can take your kiddos a couple of times a week without having to pay out the nose. My grand plan is to incorporate a visit into our weekly schedule just like his Little Gym classes. I look at our membership as an investment in his early childhood education. So, if you think you’ll take your child even four times in the next year, I highly recommend purchasing an annual package to get the most bang for your buck.

The first thing that grabbed our attention was how smart the designers were in coming up with activities for ALL ages. Our son turns two this month, and I’m positive he had just as much fun as the older children. The Little Town is an accomplishment all on its own. Between the trolley and plane, Logan could have lived in there. Throw in the toddler-sized cars, drive-thru lane, restaurant, bank, construction site with working tractor, vet clinic, car wash, grocery store, and more, you’ve got a place to elapse more than two hours of your day. Truly incredible that this whole town is just one SMALL part of The DoSeum!

Dr. Seuss Plane The DoSeum

I was particularly taken with the outdoor play structure, as was Logan, but unfortunately the ages 5 and up warning kept us away. It did look a bit daunting for my little man, but older children were happy climbing, sliding, and hiding. In all honesty, my husband and I were jealous. I can’t wait until Logan is old enough to try it out for himself (so we can tag along)!

Water play for your hot summer days!The water play areas are fantastic! There are a variety of pulleys, levers and machines that teach kids about fluid dynamics and gravity while giving kids a chance to get soaking wet. Plus, the little creek where you can kick off your shoes and wade through is a great idea! On a hot summer day, you can’t beat stomping around in that refreshing water. Of course I was positive that Logan would love this, but he didn’t seem to care for it at all. Go figure. I’m sure as he gets older, he’ll understand the magic. We were a little bummed that the bubble area was closed off while we were there. On the bright side, our son absolutely loves bubbles, so we’ll have something new to see when we go back.

I thought all the exhibits were excellent, but one of my favorite parts of the whole adventure is how it promotes using your imagination. No two kids used the various gadgets and gizmos the same way. It really encourages children to exercise individuality and critical thinking, which I believe today’s society is sorely lacking. There were quite a few exciting areas that our little man was just not ready for but were perfect for adolescents, and even for adults. More great things for later! This center is truly for all ages, and we’re excited to grow with it.

The DoSeum is completely deserving of high praise. I can’t imagine a better addition to our community! You can know I mean this sincerely because of how crazy packed the museum was when we went and my whole family still loved it. For now, parking can be a little crazy, so be prepared to spend a bit of time finding a place for your car. In fact, if you’re going with friends,  it’d be a good idea to carpool. This will save you a big headache upon arrival and simultaneously help out our environment.

I’m eager to take Logan as often as I can because we had such a blast!

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