The Importance at Learning at Your Own Pace {Love to Swim School}

As parents, we want our children to shine. It’s just a thing. If you say that you don’t care, you’re probably not being honest with yourself, but it comes down to us wanting our kids to feel successful and often times we put too much pressure on them to become so.

I am so pleased that Love to Swim School encourages kids to grow in their own time. You don’t have ANY pressure to move up to a new swim class at any specific time. If you have the skills, you advance, and if you don’t, you keep working. It’s really amazing. We’ve seen kids come into our son’s class for one lesson and move up and we’ve seen kids come in and stay. Since starting in April, our son has progressed up one level. 

It was tremendous fun to watch him have his ringing the bell ceremony! But it was also a huge relief to have him move up into a class with his current teacher. He has bonded with her and that helps to improve his swim skills. He is learning to attend to her verbal instructions, and for an almost 4 year old, this is a big darn deal!

We are in no rush for him to move up another level. He is still getting comfortable in the water and we’ve seen him learn some skills quickly, but others not so much. He is still afraid to jump in the pool, but he is way more comfortable putting his face in the water and swimming under water for a few seconds.

Baby girl’s progress has been slower. She does not like strangers and so she has been nervous in her class. In fact, both my husband and myself had been getting into the pool with her to improve her comfort, but just last weekend her skill level improved exponentially! She learned how to blow bubbles, do an elevator, which is where the child faces away from you and you put them underwater and they have to independently turn around and come back up, and is trying to back float without any support from us! I’m blown away! It’s like it just clicked for her. I love to see her come out of her shy shell and really get into her swim class after being so hesitant initially. Love to Swim School’s mentality of letting every child learn at their own pace made this possible for her. 


I am so beyond thankful that our children have had this opportunity to not only learn to swim, but to be around peers their own age, get comfortable following directions from an adult other than family members, & to feel a sense of accomplishment when they learn new skills. I wish you could’ve seen our daughter’s face light up the first time she blew bubbles in the water because she was beaming and I’ll remember it forever! 

So, when you’re picking a swim school for your kiddos, make sure they follow a learning at your own pace curriculum. And if you’re local to San Antonio, I highly recommend enrolling your kids in Love to Swim School! They have three locations: Stone Oak, Huebner RD, & Schertz.

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  1. i read somewhere the swimming was one of the best activities for your kids to help brain development.
    my son was apprehensive about swimming, too. he was also weird about strangers… now that he’s five he’ll tell a stranger anything! his name, his age, his address, my SSN….. lol! JK, but for real, i can’t get him to be quiet

    1. Justine, my son is the exact same way!! I keep telling him not to chat up strangers. Lolol but my daughter is all no way, no how.

  2. This looks like a great school! I took my daughter to swim at the Y for awhile but I never felt synced with the instructors. I need to look for somewhere like this around here!

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