The Importance of Swim Lessons with Love To Swim School 

*We received these swim lessons in exchange for our honest review. Our support of Love To Swim School is all our own. See the first piece in my swim series!*

Why is it important to take swim lessons? 

I suppose the answer to that is fairly simple; to not drown. 

But there’s a lot more to it than that. For us, it’s about our son learning to listen well & cooperate in a group.  It’s about team-building and learning trust. 

This is the first time in his life he’s had a teacher and he loves her & his swim classes. It’s a very positive experience for him every Saturday, and one he looks forward to all week long. We were so pleased that his  entire class leveled up to PK2 at the same time, so he could stay with his original teacher!

The positivity from his class directly correlates to how secure he feels in the water, so I feel it’s very important that your child have a good relationship with their instructor. It took our son a few classes to be comfortable enough to do the back float, but look at him now! His comfort in his swim class helped him learn a skill that could save his life were he ever to wander into deep water. 

For baby K, she’s learning how to relax when water is on or over her head. It’s slower progress for her, but progress all the same. Like our son, she looks forward to her swim classes and even trys to put her bathing suit on whenever she sees it out. It’s adorable. 

I cannot say enough good things about Love To Swim. They hire quality instructors that are both kind, but firm with the rules, which minimizes the risk that a child will get hurt by being off-task. 

At the same time, the instructors make the classes fun. They use games, songs, and one of my favorites, overanimated high-fives with big splashes. Our son gets a big kick out of that one. 

Check out our amazing pictures below because I just couldn’t decide which ones I loved best. They show both kids learning water skills, water safety — like getting out of a pool “elbow, elbow, knee, knee,” & just having a great time!

Keep up with our week to week swim class updates on my IG & stay tunned for my final Love To Swim School piece next month!

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  1. We are looking to enroll my little dude for swimming classes this summer. He absolutely loves the water and I want to ensure that he knows how to swim for fun and satefy reasons!

  2. We love swim lessons! Not only are they fun for both my husband and daughter to do together, it’s so important that she learn how to swim!

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