The Mama/Baby Expo 2014

I talked my husband into going to the Mama/Baby Expo this year. Logan drove us there. Kidding, but it looks pretty legit, right? Anyways, we’re a one car family and I was going a little stir crazy, so it was great to be out! Not to mention, I was itching to be in a room full of like minded people supporting cloth diapering, baby wearing, natural birth, doulas, birthing centers, essential oils, and more! It’s like crunchy mom heaven.
I was blown away by the turnout and very pleased to see friendly faces–Kiwi Baby Shop and Go Baby Go. We went to table after table and went home with more than a few goodies. Yes, new cloth diapers were among them. I know we didn’t make it to every table, but we sure did try.
I loved seeing a table devoted to showing the uses of essential oils since we’re big on that in our household. When Logan got sick at four months old, we used essential oils to make baby vicks. It made such a huge difference. And just yesterday after he got eaten alive by mosquitoes, we used lavender essential oil on the bites. The swelling went WAY down.

We purchased a flax seed & rice warmer for hot and cold therapy for headaches, back labor pain, postpartum pain, engorgement pain, shoulder pain, etc. from Nature’s Doula. It came with one long warmer (pictured around my neck on the right) and a little one. I’d say about the size of the forehead. Both are extremely useful. One of my favorite parts is that ours smells of lavender. I find it very relaxing. I highly recommend these warmers! And they have such cute prints. My husband could care less, but it was a huge selling point for me!

We stopped by the Kiwi Baby Shop (affiliate link) table to say hi and just couldn’t make it out without buying more cloth diapers. We purchased another GroVia Kiwi Pie Fitted for nighttime. Then my husband noticed a Blueberry One Size Simplex AIO with monsters and couldn’t resist (pictured to the left). He’s secretly a fluff addict, too.

We’re both looking forward to next years expo! I found this one to be such a kick! I got to have an elephant drawn on my wrist with henna by the amazing Krystal! Check out her page! Plus, the expo was very informative. My husband and I enjoyed talking to one woman about not circumcising, which is something we feel strongly about. Our goodie bag was filled to capacity by the time we left and I kept a bunch of the brochures from birthing centers and natural birth educators around town. After having an all natural birth with Logan in a hospital, I’m totally ready to try a birthing center for our second baby. Not sure when this will be, but someday. Maybe I’ll get really bold and do a home birth with our third one.

Before I sign off for the night, I should also give a shot out to baby wearing and Ergo Baby Carriers because my husband and I took turns wearing Logan and he did great!
This mama is off to bed while her little one is still asleep! Night, y’all!

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