The Manly Monday’s Series: 10 Things Kittens & Children Have In Common

Over the years, I have learned that children and kittens have some very similar qualities and I wanted to share my revelations with you:

1) They go to the bathroom in a small container that needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid unsavory smells.

2) They both have razor sharp claws and will use them without mercy!

3) They are soft and love to cuddle.

4) Unsupervised, they can be incredibly destructive especially to curtains!

5) It’s pointless to tell them “no”.

6) They cannot be trained only conditioned.

7) They want attention on their terms.

8) They love to climb up even if they do not understand how to get back down.

9) They will go out of their way to make you feel better if you’re sad.

10) The more a toy costs, the less interested they will be in it. In fact, the wrapper or container the fancy toy came in will probably get more play time than the toy itself.

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