The Manly Monday’s Series: Building on a Budget

Leave the toy, take the box.

Every child I know loves boxes–all shapes and sizes. For some strange reason the box can capture and store imagination to an extent that could power a home, a car–even a rocket ship. Any destination can be explored, any danger weathered by the simple and yet versatile cardboard box. Armor, vessel, or abode, in most cases the box needs little or no modification to transform it into something magical.

Grandma and Grandpa saved a box for Logan thinking he would like to play in it, and suddenly something took over, I couldn’t help myself–Logan needs a fort! My years of watching MacGyver suddenly kicked in. “Honey I need a roll of tape, my utility knife, and 10 minutes.”

 I had to work fast because Logan really wanted to help and I had some cuts to make to pull this off the way I saw it in my head. “He’ll need a door that opens and closes with a door handle, windows to peek out of, and of course a chimney to drop things down.”

I taped the lids together to make the box taller and then got to work hacking and slashing.

Once the cuts were finished, Logan was able to come and “help” with the rest of the taping.

Total project was completed in less than 30 min, and the result was fantastic. It looked great and Logan absolutely loves it. He plays in it everyday–constantly opening and closing the doors & windows–and 1 month after construction it is still standing–amazing considering how much how much Logan uses (abuses) it.

This box was better that anything I could have spent money on and best of all I made it with my son. His house wasn’t free to build, it needed some tape and some love, but the renovations were worth it because the memories are priceless.

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