The Manly Mondays Series: Dad’s Day

Logan–a few weeks old.

Yesterday was a day set aside for fathers. Not all of us deserve a whole day, my father deserves little  appreciation. He was in my life for less than a 10th of it, then he split for unknown reasons. My step-father is not worth mentioning and I spend a lot of time trying to forget him (my wife spends a lot of time trying to correct the damage he has done). I don’t want to be just a father, I want to be a great dad. That’s the task I set for myself a long time ago.

Logan–11 months going on one year old!

I won’t lie and say it’s the hardest job, as moms have it tough, nor would I say it’s thankless as every compliment about my son is a nod to me and every smile I get from him is magic and makes the rough patches in my day a forgotten memory. This job is hard though, especially when I have had a tough day at work, or when there is little time or money to do something I want to do. These are the moments I remind myself of how lucky I was growing up in darkness, because I learned that all good things need light to grow, and I’ll try my hardest to light up my son’s life like he lights up mine. I believe that being a father is easy, it’s the being a dad part that’s really tough.

So maybe we should call it Dad’s Day because being a father requires only a selfish donation, whereas being a dad requires selfless sacrifice.

So for all you Dads out there “Happy Dad’s Day!” You deserve it.

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